Samsung Galaxy S III Could Be Hitting T-Mobile Next Month With Galaxy Note Following Soon After

The Samsung Galaxy S III has been one of the most anticipated phones of the year, and the Galaxy Note was one of Samsung’s most successful devices as of late. While the GSIII hasn’t launched yet (and will internationally on May 29 and in the US this summer), the Galaxy Note has been on AT&T for a while now. Lucky for T-Mobile users, both of these devices could be heading to their beloved carrier in the coming months. Our friends at TmoNews have gotten some insight on when these devices could potentially be hitting the network.

  • Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB Metallic Blue – June 20th
  • Samsung Galaxy S III 32GB Metallic Blue – June
  • Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB Ceramic White – July 11th
  • Samsung Galaxy Note – July 11th

These dates go hand in hand with what we’ve heard for the timeline of the GSIII launch here in the US, although it doesn’t make sense that they launch the white version in 16 GB only and so long after the Metallic Blue version, especially because of the production issues Samsung has been having with the blue version. However, Samsung told us summer was when these devices would be hitting, and if T-Mobile is getting these devices in June/July other carriers most likely will not be too far behind. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the GSIII launch in the US.


Source: TmoNews


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