OS X Mountain Lion Will Hit Macs This Summer For Only $20

Along with the new MacBook lineups, Apple also gave us more of a look at OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion will bring a lot of new features that will closely integrate it with other Apple products. Notification Center will be brought to Macs, so users can get all of their notifications throughout their devices. This means Twitter, Calendar, and even iMessage notifications will come right to your Mac. They have also added a mute button for this, so users don’t have to get a ton of notifications if they don’t want.

They also have added GameCenter so users can take their gaming across all Apple platforms, and invites to games will now come to Macs as well. AirPlay now has mirroring for Macs, and the HDMI port on the new MacBooks will help with that as well. Apple has added a feature called PowerNap which updates the entire system while it is sleeping so your MacBook will always be up to date even without you initiating it. There are over 200 new features in Mountain Lion, and it will hit Macs this summer for only $19.99.


Photo credit: Engadget


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