Toronto Startup: Angel Tracking Gives Parents A Piece Of Mind INTERVIEW

AngelTracking is a new app startup out of Toronto Canada. The app is the latest from app development startup Berobo, who’ve already produced a lot of apps for Android, and Blackberry. This newest app, AngelTracking, allows parents to monitor their children’s smart phones in a variety of ways. Theres casual monitoring and then full blown, we’ll send you every text and email monitoring, which me hit a nerve with the privacy advocates.

AngelTracking offers real time stats, real time location and even “surveillance”. If you just want to keep up with your kids whereabouts because you’re concerned about their safety, AngelTracking may be for you. If you also want to see all their photos, messages and emails and get alerts as they travel throughout the city, AngelTracking can do that too.

While the verdict is still out on how well “privacy” nuts will adopt to this kind of surveillance tracking, we got a chance to interview the team behind the app. The interview is below the break:

Briefly describe what Angel Tracking is?
Angel Tracking is an application that is installed on any android device owned by the user to track and monitor location, call logs, text message, and web history.
We promote ethical monitoring.  Our mobile phones give children full access to wide array of adult content and exposes them to the world of cyber bullying, they also gives us insight of were our children may be at anygiven time.
We enable parents to be proactive and react on certain problems children may be faced with.
Is Angel Tracking a startup on its own or a product of another company?
Angel tracking is a product produced by  we are a company based out of Toronto Canada.  We produce apps for Android, BlackBerry and Iphone.
Although we are only a small team of developers / designers. We have a large stable of apps –
How did you come up with the idea? / What problem does it solve?
We are all very busy with our work and being parents has sort of become secondary to many people. Not out of want but more of need to support our families.
Mix in the fact that the digital era has created new challenges. ie cyber bullying and stalking etc.  We wanted to have a product that allowed us to be proactive with our children.  So we came up with Angel Tracking.  Allowing us to login via our phones and/or our site and see whats going on even when we cant physically be with them.
What’s your monetization strategy?
Our Monetization strategy is a 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions starting at as low as *9.99 per month. We also offer small business and enterprise editions of our software.
Family plans – track up 5 devices  /  Small business – up to 100 devices / Enterprise – up to 1000 devices
Find out more about Angeltracking at their website here
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