Live Broadcast From Silicon Beach Fest Of Demo Day And More


Tomorrow at 2pm PST we’ll be broadcasting live from SBF Demo Day presented by StartEngine. As well as broadcasting from other events live throughout the whole event that starts tomorrow. Panels ranging from Meet The Accelerators to  How To Hire A Developer. Into coding and actually products, don’t worry as StartEngine has you covered with a full 48 hours Hackathon going on throughout the event. Quick hint, teams from Disney are among those who’ll be showing up to show us what they can do.

While the event truly kicks off Friday morning, we’ll be using Google to do a Live Hangout of the Demo Day to kick off the event. Streamed live on we’ll be showing you the whole event as well as giving you our opinions as products are shown in only a way I personally can do. Good, Bad, confused, you’ll hear it as I think it. But that’s not all, on Friday we’ll be doing this all over again this time for the Angel Pitch session. Think those developers and teams had it touch on Thursday showing off their goods, just wait till they are in the hot seat in front of Investors whom they are wishing to take loads of cash from.

Everything finishes up on Saturday as the heavy hitter, the Hackathon ends with it’s final judging at 6pm PST. Through out the day we’ll be interviewing people as their impressions as well as how they think the event is going. So make sure to check back through out the event for more articles…


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