Chicago TechWeek: RecBob Recreational Sports, Socially INTERVIEW

While here at TechWeek 2012 in Chicago we got to meet the CEO and co-founder of RecBob. His name isn’t Bob, we asked. We also asked if RecBob was related to Bob the builder, and although they look like they could be related, alas they are not.

What RecBob is though, is a way to connect people for recreational sports socially. It’s a way for coaches, players and parents to stay connected around their recreational sports. Need to collect dues, RecBob can handle it. Need to find a replacement player RecBob can handle it.

Their Motto: We Can Play It, Yes We Can,

ok not really, and the fact that I have a 4 3/4 year old is really starting to show.

RecBob is way more than league management. From our vantage point it’s like LockerDome for soccer moms.

John Schnipkoweit the co-founder and CEO left his position at Ovation to develop and grow RecBob,

I remember in the 80’s when my mom had folders of papers from all my different hockey teams and canceling practice for a snow storm involved hours on the phone. Those are just some of the pain points that RecBob can fix and at the same time make rec sports more fun and social.

Check out the video interview below:


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