New Orleans EdTech Startup Dash Technologies Releasing Dash For Teachers App Interview

Three educators in New Orleans have teamed up to form Dash Technologies a new startup focusing on educational apps for teachers. Their first app “Dash For Teachers” will hit the Apple iTunes app store on Wednesday.

Dash4Teachers is almost like a CRM app for teachers to keep tabs on students performance, log that performance and than generate a quick speed dial list so that teachers can make those ever important calls to parents. With the Dash4Teachers app, when the student’s performance is logged the app knows what parameters are set that distinguish parents that need to be called over parents of students who’s performance is up to par.

This is a valuable tool for busy teachers and busy parents. It also increases the communication between teacher and parent for the students benefit.

We had a chance to interview Dash Technologies about their exciting new app. Check out the interview below and look for the app in the iTunes app store tomorrow.

What is Dash Technologies?

Dash Technologies is introducing its flagship product, Dash4Teachers.  The idea was to develop a mobile application that teachers can use in the classroom to organize and manage all of the parent phone calls they need to make at the end of the day.

Who are the founders and what are their backgrounds?

Aliya Bhatia – Founder, Educator

Grace Landrieu – Co-Founder, Educator

Ana Maria DeVries – Co-founder, Educator


Where are you based?

New Orleans


What’s the startup culture/scene like in New Orleans?

The startup scene in New Orleans is moving and shaking. Lots of creative people with innovative ideas are starting businesses that address problems and fill gaps making New Orleans an even better place. There is a ton of creativity and innovation going on all of the time, all of over the city – so much I think it deserves an article of its own. :)


What problem does Dash solve?

It takes on average 15 minutes for a teacher to cross-reference notes from previous calls, complete call and document the result of that call.  If a teacher l has 75 students, that is almost 19 hours spent on parent contact alone – only to call each parent once. If teachers are able to have consistent communication with parents there is a greater chance for improved student behavior, attitude, and attendance, as well as an increase in academic, social, and emotional development. Studies have proven that better teacher parent communication can bring up a student’s GPA by two whole points!


What is your secret sauce?

Secret sauce is that Dash4Teachers was conceived, designed and tested by teachers; therefore it is aligned with exactly what teachers need in the classroom.

Tell us about your new app:

Dash4Teachers is an iPhone app that allows teachers to log student performance and generate a daily speed dial of parent numbers so that following up with parents is not only simple and effective, but can happen more often.  A teacher testing the app emailed us to say, “This is the app I always wish I had! I’m using it now while teaching summer school, and it’s been AMAZING. Imagine never having to worry about how to contact parents, again.”

What’s next for Dash?

Online features that meet the needs of teachers, such as:

  • Group students into customizable categories
  • Download call logs
  • Import/Export spreadsheets


Check out Dash Technologies and their app here at their website

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