Indian Startup: Resumonk Makes Resumes A Cinch Interview

The most important piece of sales material in anyones arsenal is their resume. Resumes have evolved over the years. First there were typed resumes on fine parchment. Next was the rapid reprinting of resumes via the xerox machine in the copy room. Desktop publishing made resumes look very pretty but formatting could be a real pain in the ass.

Then in came the jobs site and the multiple types of resume files that every job hunter needed. Some job hunters needed to take a class just to learn how to do the proper type of resume file.

The resume has been a pain point that many startups have tried to solve, including Resumonk a startup based in New Delhi.

Resumonk is a DIY platform to build your resume. The company promises that they’ve got the technology, formatting and conversion down pat. All you need to know is your job history and have a decent grasp of the english language.

We got a chance to talk with Resumonk in the interview below:

What is Resumonk?

Resumonk is a beautifully simple online resume builder that saves you money and time by helping you create professional and beautiful resumes. Resumonk handles the job of formatting and converting your resume into pdf format, thereby letting you focus on writing quality content.

Who are the founders and what are their backgrounds? 

Bharani Muthukumaraswamy
Founder, designer and developer
About: Bharani is a young designer, developer and a first time start-upper studying for a degree in Environmental Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, India. Twitter: @resumonk Website:

Where are you based?

New Delhi, India


What problem does resumonk solve? 

Formatting a resume in MSWord is a really difficult task, especially for someone who is not technologically proficient. Websites like are pretty closed in the sense that you can use the CV that you generate primarily for applying for jobs through their website. My idea with Resumonk was to create a simple tool that gets the job done and then gets out of the way by letting you do whatever you want with your CV.

There are quite a few resume platforms, what’s your secret sauce? 

Simplicity, intuitive user interface and a collection of modern and elegant templates are the key areas that Resumonk intends to focus on.


Who is your target user?

Students, college graduates and job-seekers who want to stand out of the crowd by having a professional and visually appealing resume to reflect their skills and experience.


What’s one lesson you’ve learned in the startup process?

The most important lesson that I have learnt about the startup process is that it is imperative to listen to the suggestions and inputs from your users as they often tend to have a lot of good ideas and feedback.


What’s next for Resumonk?

I have a lot of ideas in store for Resumonk. Currently I am working on adding a cover letter generator that automatically generates a cover letter by extracting the highlights from your resume. I also plan to release a widget soon that will help users embed their resume on their website.


Check out Resumonk here

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