Washington DC’s Acceleprise Welcomes First Six Startups

Back in April we brought you this story about the newly formed accelerator in Washington DC called Acceleprise. Acceleprise is targeting new startups in the enterprise space.  TechCrunch called it the 500 startups for “enterprise”.

Acceleprise has great DC based founders in Sean Glass, Allen Gannett and Collin Gutman. They also have some great mentors that include well known founders, executives, venture capitalists and experienced operators. Their mentor list includes Scott Case, head of Startup America, Katharine Weymouth CEO of Washington Post Media, Maria Thomas former CEO of Etsy, Sonny Ganguly CMO at wedding wire and many more.

Their website says they are “The Enterprise Technology Accelerator”.  Enterprise was a natural sector to pursue, Glass told TechCrunch’s Sarah Perez that he started thinking about how he wanted to do his personal angel investing. He found while evaluating his portfolio that he had the most success with and was able to help the most in early stages, were all enterprise focused.

Washington DC is also the perfect location for an enterprise focused accelerator. Of course the federal government is the largest enterprise customer in the country. In their immediate surroundings you have most of the largest defense companies and contractors in the world. Accelleprise is also a quick 4 hour drive to New York City and not to far from Atlanta as well.

They’ve now announced their first class of six enterprise focused startups. Each chosen startup will receive a $30,000 seed investment, mentors, office space and business resources.
The six enterprise startups have a mixed range of ideas but all tie back into services, applications and ideas that will benefit the enterprise space.
The Washington Post published this list of the six startups:

ConferenceEdge provides Web-based software that facilitates event management. Organizers can use the program to register attendees, corral feedback, manage digital marketing and process electronic payments.

Conjure sells software that allows companies to store and access strategic ideas or best practices that may otherwise wind up forgotten and unused in e-mails, PowerPoint presentations or an employee’s mind.

ExecOnline enables large corporations to offer online business courses to their employees through its partnerships with universities. In addition to its online learning platform, ExecOnline helps to develop the curriculum and puts forth investment capital to get a program started.

Employers looking to slim down their workforce and save on health care expenses use FitFeud to coordinate fitness competitions across their organization. The software can be used to register participants, send reminders, track progress and assess return on investment.

Mercury Continuity helps businesses and government entities keep their information technology network humming in the event of a “catastrophe” or other disruption. The company works with technology partners to deliver broadband connectivity in multiple ways, including through satellite and fiber-optic technologies.

Companies or individuals can store and manage their credentials online through Sigkat, then use them to validate their reputation with employers and business partners. The firm aims to make the exchange of credentials both reliable and inexpensive.


Find out more about Acceleprise here

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