Interview With Los Angeles Startup: Teachmeo Learn & Teach Anything, And Everything

Teachmeo is a new startup in Los Angeles, “Silicon Beach”, their mission and purpose is to allow anyone who wants to teach anything, to teach it and allow anyone who needs to learn anything, learn it. They will facilitate this with a community of teachers and learners.

They describe it like this:

Say your son needs help finishing his math homework, it’s 9pm there’s no one around that can help locally, you wouldn’t think of calling his teacher and there’s nowhere else to go. He can go to and find in just about real time, answers to his math questions.

The same thing goes for Brian who wants to teach guitar to someone, he can teach it via teachmeo.  Really with the platform that teachmeo is building you can learn and teach just about anything, as their Rockstar CEO Natalie Novoa tells us in the interview below.

What is Teachmeo?
Teachmeo is an international marketplace where people who want to learn and or teach any skill can connect instantly through video chat. It’s uDemy, meets TokBox with an Airbnb model. The new evolution in learning. The educational market is ready for disruption and we are ready to disrupt it.
Who are the founders and what are their backgrounds?
Natalie Novoa – CEO/Designer/Rockstar
Co-founder of FashionMetric, Founder of Teachmeo, Hottest Happy Hour, SundanceVIP, The Little Room Studio. She’s been managing teams for over 12 years and is LA Organizer for SC Startup Weekend.
Fernando Mora – Lead Systems Architect
Computer engineer graduate from UC Santa Barbara, CA. Engineer for Commission Junction and s
oftware engineer, systems designer, and network administrator for NextEngine. On the side he created a touch surface table that allowed users to view and browse web and other media called Aladinz for use in restaurants and gaming facilities. 

Alex Baca
 – Technology Visionary
Computer engineer graduate from UC Santa Barbara, CA. Worked as a consultant in the technology space for major technology companies for the past 6 years. Clients include Google, eBay, Cisco, Time Warner Cable, and others. Facilitates project management, IT strategy, technology infrastructure, and software development.
Where are you based?
We are based out of Los Angeles, CA. Silicon Beach baby!
What’s the startup scene/culture like in Los Angeles?
The startup scene in Silicon beach is rockin’. We just held our very first 3 day Silicon Beach Festival in June with over 2,000 attendees.  Our startup community has been booming with over 13 incubators/accelerators in LA alone. I would say LA is where it’s at, it’s not too congested, and not too dead….it’s just ripe for the pickin’. It’s the next Silicon Valley but with a killer beach. Bring out your swim wear and surfboards, Silicon Beach is ready to change the world!
What problem does Teachmeo solve?
Teachmeo solves many problems. A few examples;
You have your mom who’s son has procrastinated on his algebra homework due tomorrow and it’s now 8pm and he needs help asap.
Sandy is a retired school teacher and wants to make extra cash sharing her passion for gardening and knitting. 
Mike wants to cross skills off his learn list. i.e. guitar, excel, balloon tying, personal finance.
James just finished De Cordon Bleu cooking school, is unemployed and wants to share his love of French cuisine to make extra income.
Teachmeo will solve all of these problems and more, including your questions answered immediately instead of having to wait for someone to respond to your comments on a pre-recorded video. 
What’s your secret sauce?
Teachmeo’s secret sauce is instantaneity. You can connect with anyone anywhere in the world anytime of the day and learn or teach any skill. You don’t need to have a degree to teach either, anyone can teach, we don’t screen instructors. They are reviewed by you, the people, ala Airbnb model. Peer to peer learning at it’s best. 
What’s one dilemma you’ve encountered in the startup process?
It’s all who you know. You have to make a name for yourself in the startup scene you are in to really make a splash. If I’ve encountered a specific dilemma is getting noticed, specially as a woman founder. I feel like I shouldn’t have to got to a women specific event to get noticed. It’s a fact that the startup scenes in general are predominately male, so women have to over-excel their male counterparts to get noticed and taken seriously.  I’d love to see a Startup Weekend where at least 30% of the participants are women. That would be f’n great!
What’s one challenge you’ve overcome in the startup process?
Biggest challenge we’ve encountered in the startup process is finding the right team. I spent over 5 months posting ads and going to every meetup possible to find developers. We finally came together at Startup Weekend LA where the guys were looking for a designer and I was looking for developers with the same idea in mind. It was meant to be. The synergy we have is mind-blowing, and we are all super dedicated to Teachmeo. It’s amazing what you can do in such little time when you have the perfect team and dedication. 
What’s next for Teachmeo?
Teachmeo is rocking out code and getting ready for launch in the next month! We are very excited to bring our baby to life and help revolutionize the way people learn and teach. Fundraising our first round of seed money and getting ready to change the world, in a good way.
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