Utah Startup: Taxi, The Easiest Way To Present Online? INTERVIEW

Taxi,Taximeeting,Utah startup,startup,startups,startup interviewUtah Startup Taxi has come to the rescue to anyone who needs to do online presentations. Whether you’re sharing a presentation for a meeting, sharing a presentation with a potential client, or need to send your pitch deck to a bunch of potential investors, Taxi may be the answer that you’re looking for.

Taxi lets users set up online presentations quickly and effortlessly.  Taxi prides itself on simplicity with no need to set up plugins, no worrying about firewalls and no worrying that people on your conference call can’t see your screen.  All you need to use Taxi is a web browser.

Need to share your presentation with someone on their mobile device? No worries, because it’s browser based the mobile experience is just as fluid on a smartphone or tablet, as it is on a desktop or laptop.

Taxi also offers seamless integration with HighRise so if you’re a High Rise user you’re still in business.

They offer a free version that allows you to share your presentation with one attendee at a time. They have affordable pricing plans all the way up to 100 attendees (just $20/month).

We got a chance to interview Taxi. Check out the interview below:

What is Taxi Meeting?

Taxi is the new fastest, simplest cheapest way to present online. It is designed to give small businesses and entrepreneurs a way to set up online presentations quickly and effortlessly. There is no downloading, no plug-ins, no messing with firewalls, everything works directly in a browser. If you have a device with a web browser, you can use Taxi.

Who are the founders and what are their backgrounds?

Taxi was Co-Founded by Morgan Vandagriff and Kendall Buchannan. The two have been business partners for years and Co-Founded another successful small business previous to launching Taxi.

Where are you based?

We are based in Provo, UT. Just south of Salt Lake City.

How did the founders come up with the idea?

Morgan and Kendall are the Co-Founders of a small business that requires them to make numerous presentations to current and potential clients across the country. Like any other small business, they went to some of the big names out there for making professional online presentations. After a few years, though, they were getting tired of spending hundreds of dollars on big, clunky software that didn’t really fit the needs of a small business. They needed a simple and fast way to present online. And Taxi was born!

They created Taxi to fill a need in their own small business, and quickly realized the power of the simplicity of Taxi and decided to share it with entrepreneurs everywhere.

What is the problem that TaxiMeeting is solving?

Taxi gives small business owners a way to present without all the distractions. It’s hard enough finding potential clients or new business, let alone getting them to agree to a web meeting or webinar of some sort. So the last thing you want at that point is something to go wrong with your presentation. Well we’ve noticed with just about every other option out there, there are so-called “technical difficulties”.

With Taxi, there’s no delay-time in getting started, there are no distracting toolbars, there are no advertisements, there are no extraneous logo’s, there are no registrations or downloads whatsoever. It’s simply you, and your presentation.

In this case less truly is more.

On top of that, we’ve decided to make it the absolute cheapest option available. As small business owners, ourselves, we know how hard it can be to fork over monthly fees for every piece of software you want to use.

What is your secret sauce/competitive edge?

HTML5 Push Technology. It’s golden, and it makes our wheels turn.

Also, there’s something to be said about giving people a more useful tool for less money…Find something cheaper that works as well — We dare you.

What’s one lesson you’ve learned in the startup process?

Coming up with your own solutions is often better than trying to throw money at a problem. In other words, just because you spend more doesn’t mean you’re getting a superior product/service. For us, Taxi is the solution to a problem in our small business, it works better and actually costs less.

Are you funded or bootstrapped?

Taxi was created by our very own hands, no need to raise funds for that.

What’s next for Taximeeting?

We see Taxi as fundamentally better because of its simplicity. We don’t want to change something that works just for the sake of announcing a new feature. We are, however, always seeking feedback to improve, try it out for free and tell us what you think could make it more useful.


Find out more about Taxi here

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