Wisconsin Startup Bad Donkey Creates A New Hybrid Text Language

baddonkey,ETC,Madison Startup,startup,startups,startup interviewBad Donkey, a startup in Madison Wisconsin with a really funky name, has created a new hybrid cyber language of sorts. “Enriched Text Content” or ETC for short combines personal digital imagery with traditional alpha numeric text to create a new and fun way of sending text messages. To break it down for you, this new “Enriched Text Content”, mixes letters with emoticons and images for a fun new way to text.

Interesting is probably the first word that comes to mind when diving into Bad Donkey’s ETC cyber language. The product seems like it would appeal to the youngest set of texters. Older more affluent texters are constantly looking for the fastest and easiest way to send text messages. However, the combination of pictures, images and text may make it easier to get a point across than traditional texting.

Alongside their “ETC” cyber language, Bad Donkey has created an app and closed social network that supports the technology. BuzzMsg is a messaging platform that takes advantage of the hybrid language. The messages within BuzzMsg are called BuzzMarks and are organized in easy to read and understand lifestyle folders.

We got a chance to talk to Bad Donkey’s head jack ass Bill Towell about his new startup and cyber language. Check out the interview below.

What is your bad donkey?

bad donkey social designs and develops innovative social media technology and platforms that will revolutionize the way people digitally communicate.

Our flagship technology called Enriched Text Content™ aka ETC™ is a brand new Cyber Language which integrates personal digital imagery inline with traditional alphanumeric text using a revolutionary new keyboard. This imagery can include pictures, brand logos, custom graphics as well as other digital data. The innovative keyboard features a uniquely designed function which allows users to select, create and manage personal lifestyle images. ETC Technology can be applied to numerous communication platforms including text messages, email, instant messages, social media & blog posts and word documents.

buzzMSG™ is the first social platform to utilize ETC Technology. Personal images or buzzMARKS™ are selected and organized in lifestyle folders. The buzzMSG app allows users to now visually express themselves in a fun, closed loop social network.

Who are the founders and what are their backgrounds:

Bill Towell, Founder Former President/Owner Roundhouse Marketing & Promotion A “Promo 100” Consumer Goods Agency, University of Wisconsin Grad ( BBA ’80/MBA ’81)

Where are you based:

Madison, WI … aka ” 78 square miles surrounded by reality”

What is the startup culture like where you are based:

Madison’s startup community is vibrant. The blueprint is supported by the University of Wisconsin and it’s culture of progressive thinking. Young startups can now find guidance and inspiration at the new University of Wisconsin Institute for Discovery ,Holtz Tech Center and Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic. The local incubators, investment pools and tech support cells help complete the perfect design-build startup environment. Local builds on the watch list include: Networked Insights, Shoutlet, PerBlue, Murfie, Snowshoe & Vidmaker to name a few. There are also some good reasons why both Microsoft and Google have discretely embedded local offices not far from campus.

What problem does your startup solve:

ETC Technology will now empower people worldwide to visually express and share their everyday thoughts and digital life experiences beyond simply words alone.

What is one challenge that you have overcome in your startup process:

Facing the decision process early on whether to self-fund or secure seed money in order to ramp up quickly.

Who are your mentors and role models:

They are members of “Generation Z ” aka the “Internet Generation”. More specifically, my son (Ian), his best friend (Taylor) as well as our College and High School Beta Team members are my social mentors and role models. Gen Z holds the keys for the future of truly innovative social media design.

What is one thing the world does not know about you or your startup:

My preferred mode of transportation is Honda Ruckus Scooter bad donkey was conceived after an ” Ah Hah ” moment struck while stuck a long stop light just off the Capitol Square.

What’s next for your startup:

We just completed Stage 1 Beta Testing. Next, we need to careful consider teaming up with the right tech partner and/or securing a funding injection in order to accelerate through Stage 2.


Check out bad donkey here

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    Bad Donkey will change how we text.  Twitter, Microsoft of Google will gobble them up fast.

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    Wow, could you imagine if this ETC technology was intergrated into Twitter / Facebook? 

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    ETC on it’s way transforming the next generation of mobile….great work Bill!  Very cool!

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