Love The Next Place You Live, Find It With NY Startup YourNeighborhood

YourNeighborhood,New York startup,apartment findingTwo New York area entrepreneurs, Eric Levy and Andrew Curtis want you to love the next place you live. They are unveiling their New York based real estate startup, YourNeighborhood next week as a beta in New York City.

Sure there are plenty of apartment locator startups out there. There are also startups like BlockAvenue that help you research neighborhoods, their culture and heritage. YourNeighborhood is bringing it all together in a one stop shop platform for those looking for the next place to live.

Apartment finding websites are a dime a dozen. The typical experience includes seeing floor plans, apartment rules, and amenities. You may also learn about the pool, the fitness facility and the community room, but outside the confines of the apartment building or community, you’re on your own.

betakit, techcrunch,new york startupAre you into coffee shops and co-working? Are you looking for a pick up basketball court, tennis court or some frisbee golf? Do you like to take in local music every night, and play an occasional game of darts?

As many of us know, and many of us have experienced, you can find the golden apartment with stainless steel appliances and a marble kitchen island, and then be stuck for a year or more with nothing else to do. No one wants to come home from work after a long day and then need to take the subway or 8 busses to catch a game with the guys at the local sports bar.

A typical apartment site isn’t going to tell you all of these things, after all they just want you to sign up, lease an apartment and make their commission. Was there a wave of purse snatchings between the apartment building in the subway stop? These are things you need to know, that you can find out now in one location,

Eric Levy, Andrew Curtis, Yourneighborhood.coAll of this is solved with the YourNeighborhood platform.

In addition to selecting criteria for your next apartment, and neighborhood, Levy and Curtis are adding forums, and bulletin boards so users can interact with other users and folks that have already moved to the neighborhood.

Moving is about much more than your next apartment, it’s about your neighborhood and that’s what Levy and Curtis are bringing users with their new startup.


YourNeighborhood can be found here

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