Canadian Startup: Student U Is Building Student Communities INTERVIEW

StudentU,Canadian startup,startup interviewWhen Facebook exploded into global social network domination by opening it’s gates to those that were not college students, a gaping hole was created in the social space. A few startups have begun trying to fill the hole for the “student social network”. One of those startups is Canadian startup Student U.

At it’s roots, Student U is a new social network for students. Through their app you can make no friends, chat, share pics, manage multiple profiles and much more.  Checkout out their website you’ll see that Student U is part social network, part student portfolio and part student dating site. The founders have put a big emphasis on flirting and dating.

Once the user begins engaging with the Student U platform they can “give presents”, “share emotions” and “fall in love”

Student U also went mobile first the right way and introduced an iOS app, Android app and a Windows Phone app all at the same time. Naturally, students are using the smartphone as their key to the internet a lot more than any other device so it’s fitting to have a three fold mobile strategy.

We got a chance to interview StudentU take a look at the interview below

What is Student’U?

Student’U is a Student Discovery App for enhancing Student Life. Find and make new friends! Chat! Share pic’s! Even flirt!

Discuss everything that is relevant for students, learn about what’s on the mind of other students and get to know them. Get to know where all the parties and social activities around you are. It’s a student community building app.

Unique to Student’U are the pre-set profiles:

1. Student Profile – for discovering and making new friends

2. Facebook Flirt Profile – for finding other flirt-minded students and to flirt without leaving any traces of the flirting on Ur Facebook

3. Discovery Profile- for sneaking out of academic life and meeting non-students who can show U the best places, parties and events outside the Uni.

4. Friends profile- where the mapping feature will help U to locate Ur friends that might be nearby and make it easier to hang out with them.

5. Facebook Global Profile- for discovering other non-Student Facebook users;

The best part is that you can easily switch between student profiles making one of them active according to what you want to do, make friends or flirt, while still getting notifications from your other profiles – miss nothing! It’s all about getting involved in Student Life, by getting out there and meeting and connecting with other students nearby. Student’U, building a Student Community, one discovery at a time.

Who are the founders and what are their backgrounds?

Smaartmobile company, Marc Bisnaire. He is our leader and founder in Canada.

Where are you based?

We are based in three locations: Canada, Russia, Serbia. But we are targeting people worldwide.

What is the startup culture like where you are based?

It is very broad and people like and appreciate startups.

What problem does your startup solve?

Campuses can be big and spread out making it challenging to meet other students and making new friends and participating in Student Life, especially when far from home. With Student’U communication and connection with colleagues in real life is much easier. It is easier for students to meet people from their country and from abroad, so they can do exchanges and introduce themselves with new cultures and customs.

What is one challenge that you’ve overcome in the startup process?

We successfully communicated this application to public and earned users.

Who are your mentors and role models?

We do not have mentors, but we are looking at very successful apps that have similar concept to ours(such as Banjo and Bandoo) and trying to get good tips from them.

Whats one thing the world doesn’t know about you or your startup?

That it can connect people in different levels and with Student’U you can have more contact in real life even though its online media tool.

What’s next for your startup?

We already have new startup which is Evry’U


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