How To Raise Money Everywhere Else Find Out At Huge Startup Conference, fund raising, startups,startups The Startup Conference is being held in Memphis Tennessee February 9-12th at the Memphis Convention Center. Over 1700 attendees have already purchased tickets including over 400 angels and vcs. The conference will offer startups at any stage pre series-A unparalleled access to investors, fellow entrepreneurs, founders and speakers.

In addition to great speakers like Scott Case, Bill Harris and countless others, “ The Startup Conference” is going to help startups outside of Silicon Valley unlike any other event in the world.

In talking with hundreds of startups every week we’ve found (and you probably know first hand) the biggest obstacle for founders outside the valley is access to capital. Sometimes we hear about it to nauseam. The Startup Conference is going to tackle that issues in a variety of ways starting with a panel of some great startup founders who struggled bootstrapping until they had their big break, most of them staying right where they are.

We’ll talk with Gabe Lozano founder of St. Louis Startup LockerDome who’s raised over $2 million dollars to date from names including Jim McKelvey, co-founder of Square. Lozano is firmly planted in downtown St. Louis.

Rob Kischuck the founder of Atlanta startup, who on a chance meeting at a party for Mark Cuban hosted by Nibletz co-founder and CEO Nick Tippmann, met Cuban who loved the idea. Cuban is a big fan of founders putting in enormous amounts of sweat equity and Kischuck could write a book on the topic. Kischuck has now raised nearly three quarters of a million dollars for his startup.  Kischuck will talk about his experience at

Shawn Flynn, co-founder of Memphis based Restore Medical Solutions will talk about moving his startup from Atlanta to Memphis Tennessee for the ZeroTo510 accelerator. After the accelerator program he and co-founder Ryan Ramkhelawan went on to raise a series A round of $2.5 million dollars in Memphis Tennessee.

McKeever Conwell the co-founder and CEO of Baltimore startup Given.To has had the opportunity to move to Silicon Valley and get in the venture capital rat race but stayed in his native Baltimore to grow his company and help others through his involvement with organizations like Accelerate Baltimore.

Scott Case, founding CTO of and the current CEO of Startup America will facilitate the panel and also talk about Priceline’s experience building a billion dollar company outside Silicon Valley.

Be part of the Startup Village at for your chance to pitch in three different contests for $100,000 in cash. Click this link for tickets.


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