College Students’ Condom Startup To The Rescue


Let’s face it, college students have sex. Of course this is no secret. The fact that sex among college students can crop up at the inoppertune is actually no secret. Having safe sex on the campus of College Of New Jersey in Ewing Township is safer thanks to student entrepreneur Kyle McCabe.

Business Insider reported today on the college student turned entrepreneur and startup Condam. Condam is short for Condom Ambulance.

Students about to get lucky can ping McCabe by way of Condam’s website at Once an order is placed McCabe dons a hat with a blue police beacon in the top and comes to the rescue of young lovers.

McCabe also has a more discreet package where he won’t come to the door with blue lights blazing.

The website has several condoms to choose from and customers can pick up anywhere from 1 to 10. Of course the more condoms you buy the cheaper the cost. McCabe offers express hours service from 7pm-3am Friday and Saturday nights.

Right now the service is only available at McCabe’s school, but perhaps expansion or franchising could be in the cards for the future.

We’ll be curious to see what McCabe’s future holds and what other businesses ideas he comes up with. Condam definitely makes for an interesting “lemonade stand” business.


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