After 24 Hours Local Music Discovery Statup Aurora Is The Biggest Mover At OneSpark

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Angel Ayala Torres pitches Aurora At OneSpark (photo NMI 2013)

At 5:30pm the OneSpark staff took to the stage at Hemming Plaza and announced the biggest movers in the voting for OneSpark creators. Creators come in four categories; Art, Science, Music and Technology, with a fifth category for “other”.

Besides the biggest movers OneSpark had another huge announcement and that was that 20,000 people came out on Wednesday night for the opening ceremonies and entertainment district as part of “The World’s Crowdfunding Festival”.

464 creators are registered to receive the crowds votes and here’s the biggest movers after the first 24 hours.


3. 20 Murals
2. One Wall
1. Rethreaded



3. Girls Rock Jacksonville
2. Elestial Sound
1. Fathomsphere



3. Kona School
2. One Food Park Project
1. Tiger Trail


3. Nerdular
2. The Forge
1. Aurora


3. Live for today foundation
2. Five and Dime
1. 123 Fresh

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