A Green Record Label and A Pedal Powered Recording Studio [interview][onespark]

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Florida Green Records is an incredible green record label. The record label operates two brick and mortar recording studios, one in Jacksonville and one in Key Largo.

At both recording studios, they try and be as green as possible through efforts like using digital recording versus pressing CDs, they use environmentally friendly paper and try and conserve energy. Now they’ve taken their green efforts a step further by creating a mobile recording studio that is powered by a bicycle.  The mechanism for converting the bicycle energy into usable energy for the studio is able to attach to anyone’s bicycle.

Florida Green Records’ mobile recording studio is complete with computers running pro-tools, an isolation booth that can accommodate vocalists, guitar players and even a drum kit, and a working air conditioner that operates off of ice water. To power the studio someone rides a bike, and their power system, designed by the team at Florida Green Records, stores the energy in old UPS batteries. The batteries can run the studio for up to 3 hours, with the AC going.

floridagreenrecords-bikeWhile we stayed away from saying what our favorite creation at OneSpark, the World’s Crowdfunding Festival, was, the pedal powered recording studio is definitely in our top 3.

floridagreenrecords3Throughout the five day festival Florida Green Records recorded some of the musical creators for free, and of course it was all powered by the bike.  They also encouraged folks to bring their bikes out and help power the recording sessions.

Check out our video interview and a quick walk through of the studio in the video below.

Check out Florida Green Records here

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