Keen Homes Does For Your Vents, What Nest Does For Your Thermostat

Keen Home, New York startup,TechCrunch Disrupt,NESTThe nest thermostat was the coolest piece of hvac innovation ever. It’s got a beautiful design and the functionality is amazing. Now if you’re not familiar, Nest, learns the behaviors of those in the house and programs itself to optimize your comfort and energy in regards to your heating and cooling.

What New York entrepreneurs Ryan Fant and Nayeem Hussain have discovered, is that the thermostat is only about half the problem. Energy loss and discomfort also stems from the vents itself. Nest, controls the heat pump or the ac unit. The vents are controlled manually.

“We found that just by closing four vents in an average-sized home, we’ve reduced the run time of the furnace by about 30 percent,” Fant explained in an interview. “So not only were we redirecting air to rooms that were actually in use by intelligently closing vents, we were increasing efficiency, as well.”

sneakertacoTheir vents can be controlled by smartphones, learn a users behavior and open and shut automatically based on imported data.  Overall this will improve the energy efficiency in homes and make them more comfortable.

The duo are predicting a 32% reduction in run time on hvac units thus resulting in money and energy saved. Vents haven’t changed in 60 years they’re basically the same design. When making their pitch it’s obvious that they are looking to the immediate future as smart homes become more mainstream and less sci fi.

In an interview with Nibletz Hussain tells us that the Keen Vent is just the beginning. Their next products are equally as simple, and equally as life changing. Check out our interview below and for more info visit

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