London Startup Wants To Be The Search Engine For 3D

3di,,London startup,3d printing,TechCrunch DisruptThe 3d printing revolution is off to an amazing start. Within a year, 3d printers for the home have come down to an affordable level. Two years ago at TechCrunch Disrupt NY we saw the first 3d printer, MakerBot. This year at the same event there were several startups in the 3d space including, Cincinnati based 3DLT, a 99 designs for 3D templates, and is hoping to become the go to search engine for 3d printing. They are very unique in that they don’t use search terns, keywords or typical algorithms. is all about geometry and shapes., or 3DI as they’re affectionately known, is based in London.

“What Google did for words and text on the web, we aim to do for shapes and 3D models,” said Dr. Seena Rejal, the founder and CEO of 3DI in an interview with Forbes. “We are ordering the 3D world.”

That’s a tall order to fill with the rapid growth of 3d printing. That’s why the company has already inked partnerships with companies that will prove to be influencers in the 3d printing industry, like 4DLT.

We also got a chance to talk with Rejal. Check out our interview video below:

There’s more where that came from check out over 40 startup stories from TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2013.




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