Nashville’s Jumpstart Foundry Announces Summer 2013 Class

Jumpstart Foundry,Accelerator,Nashville startup,startupsWe told you today was going to be a big day for summer startup accelerator classes. Earlier today we reported on Memphis’ highly successful medical device accelerator Zeroto510 and their summer class. Before that we reported on Techstars Boulder class for summer 2013.

Now we turn to Nashville Tennessee and the Jumpstart Foundry. This startup accelerator offers an intense program in Music City USA, that will “graduate” during the summer. Last year there were three startup accelerator demo days in Tennessee in the month of August. Gigtank, Zeroto510 and Jumpstart Foundry all had cohorts conclude their program and pitch at demo/investor day, in a succession of Thursdays.

Jumpstart Foundry supports it’s cohort with over 125 mentors and an intense program. Also as an added bonus, midway through the program the cohort will move to Nashville’s new entrepreneur center, slated to open next month.

Check out this year’s cohort.

● eVisit ­ a secure and convenient mobile platform to facilitate communications between primary care providers and patients
● Chalky ­ an e­learning video platform where experts can earn money through remote coaching and teaching
● ­ an exclusive Elance­like marketplace to connect with the best­of­the­best open stack developers
● InvisionHeart ­ a secure mobile platform for emergency responders to communicate critical medical statistics to doctors during emergencies
● LoadTag ­ a SaaS mobile platform for trucking and freight companies
● MyMedMatch ­ a service to match underutilized specialized rehab equipment to patients who need it
● NewsBreak Media Networks ­ video­based advertising, interaction and promotion platform for gas stations and convenience store networks
● Poliana ­ an online matching service for political­based social networking and advocacy
● Rocket Link Mobile ­ a platform for SMS­based text ads that pay users to sharing them
● Zingfin ­ a financial services SaaS platform that facilitates ETF analysis

Check out these two Nashville entrepreneurs talking about the “yes mentality”


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