David Cohen Names Fellow Techstars CoFounder David Brown President

Techstars-logoTechstars Boulder graduated their Summer 2013 class last week. Boulder is the original Techstars program and home to the organization’s headquarters which also includes the Global Accelerator Network.

Techstars was originally founded by David Cohen, Brad Feld, Congressman Jared Polis, and David Brown. David Cohen moved into a day-to-day operational role with Techstars. The others were instrumental in the organization’s development but also had other things they were working on.

Since 2006, Techstars has grown into a global organization that in some eyes represents the best of the best in startup accelerators. In this year alone, Techstars announced a new Austin program, took over Excelerate Labs in Chicago, and Springboard in London, bringing the total amount of global locations to seven.

As Techstars continued to expand globally, it became obvious it was time  for the team to add another member to its day-to-day executive staff. They looked no further than cofounder David Brown. Brown will serve as Techstars President while David Cohen will continue as CEO.  As one of the original cofounders Brown is no stranger to Techstars and definitely no stranger to David Cohen. Xconomy reports that Brown and Cohen founded two companies together in their 20’s before coming back together to found Techstars with Feld and Polis.

“I’m the brand new guy…but I really am an old guy,” Brown said. “I was around at the beginning, and I got to see the first couple Boulder programs get off the ground. I faded away a little bit, I had a different gig, and I’ve been out of the program a little bit for the last three or four years. To come back here and see the quality of the teams and the presentations, to be in the office and meet the managing directors from all the different cities…has been amazing.”

All four Techstars founders were on hand for the Thursday event where Brown was announced as President. Polis also took the stage to talk about immigration reform and its role in the world of startups. Polis has been representing Boulder in Congress since 2008.

With the announcement of a new president, Techstars will be looking to continue to its growth and become the premiere global accelerator.

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