Here Are The 48 Finalists For The 2nd Annual Silicon Prairie Awards

SPN, Silicon Prairie Awards, Dave Knox, Nebraska StartupsSilicon Prairie News is preparing for their 2nd annual Silicon Prairire Awards, celebrating the startups, entrepreneurs, and achievements across the Silicon Prairie region.

There are 48 finalists in categories including Startup of The Year, New Startup Of The Year, Innovation Of The Year, Mobile App Of The Year, Executive Of The Year, Designer Of The Year, Student Entrepreneur of The  Year, Investor Of The Year, Service Provider Of The Year, Silicon Prairie Champion, and Silcon Prairie Ambassador. The finalists will be narrowed down to 12 award winners and revealed on August 29th.

The awards ceremony will take place at Hoyt Sherman Place in Des Moines, Iowa, with a keynote by Brandery co-founder and CMO at Rockfish (and speaker) Dave Knox.

Here are the finalists from SPN.

Startup of the Year

The startup everyone was talking about. The one that made marked progress toward solidifying its success, having an all-around banner year.

New Startup of the Year

The new kid on the block that quickly made a name for itself, and for good reason.

Innovation of the Year

This product prototype, release, or advancement made people look twice because it broke a mold, introduced a new way to solve a problem, or challenged a status quo.

Mobile App of the Year

This app featured a notable design and user interface, broke the mold for what we’d expect from a mobile app or reached a high number of downloads.

Executive of the Year

This C-level executive, president or founder led a startup to the next stage, hit milestones and overcame odds.

Technologist of the Year

This team member, freelancer, or consultant made a significant contribution toward development of a startup’s product.

Designer of the Year

This team member, freelancer, or consultant made a mark on a startup’s product by providing an amazing user experience or beautiful design.

Student Entrepreneur of the Year

This student or group of students—college undergraduate or younger—built a notable business, launched a praise-worthy app or created an impactful entrepreneurial initiative.

Investor of the Year

More than funding, this investor provided the all-around package, being a connector and champion of their portfolio startups.

Service Provider of the Year

This lawyer, accountant, marketer or other service provider made things happen for startups, simple as that.

Silicon Prairie Champion

An individual, company or organization that selflessly gave their time, resources or expertise to advance the Silicon Prairie community.

Silicon Prairie Ambassador

An individual from the region who has moved away but continues to advocate on behalf of the Silicon Prairie community.

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