Startup Phenomenon: The Conference for Ecosystems Everywhere Else


As you know, we are fast approaching Everywhere Else Cincinnati. We’re gearing up for an awesome two days of speakers, networking, and pitching. We’re focusing on educating the early stage entrepreneur everywhere else. Have you gotten your tickets yet?

It’s true all of us at Nibletz are working hard to bring you the best conference everywhere else. But, when we heard about another event happening in November, we couldn’t help but take notice.

Startup Phenomenon is hoping to catalyze startup communities. I think the quote on the home page says it all:

For all the talk of disruption, the startup world has started to look a lot like any traditional industry—a geographic consolidation of power where just a few established players hold the keys. It’s time for a change. It’s time for the rest of the world to get in the game.

That’s what the Startup Phenomenon team is hoping to do: inspire the rest of the world to get in the game.

“We were working with Brad Feld to create an event this November about startup communities (all based on his Startup Revolution books). But in the course of planning that conference, we’ve realized that it was too big for just one event,” said John Bradley, Senior VP, Content and Strategy, for the Van Heyst Group.

Absolutely. Why do one event when you can do a bunch? We at Nibletz totally agree!

Earlier this month, the Startup Phenomenon kicked off with a women’s event in Boulder. 500 men and women gathered for the one day conference at the University of Colorado, and they heard 42 speakers talk about the different issues surrounding gender diversity in the startup world.

But, of course, that’s not all. After the flagship event in November, the team will move on to planning events in Omaha, Reykjavik, Nairobi, Auckland, and Moscow. There is even talk of a Middle East event, though there are few details on that at the moment.

Brad Feld and Jim Collins will anchor the main event in November. Feld is a huge advocate of startups everywhere else, and he writes a lot about what it takes to creates a successful ecosystem. Collins has authored several books, including Built to Last.

That event boasts hundreds of speakers or panelists and a pitch contest. At the conference, there will also be “hubs” in which leaders from several industries will get together and talk about the various challenges they are facing in the startup world. Leaders in the fields of entrepreneurship and leaders, food, earth technology, capital, health and wellness, and science and arts hope to come away with new ideas about how to tackle innovation in their own spheres.

Lately, it seems there is no shortage of conferences and events for startups. Each good event, though, has its own value proposition. Startup Phenomenon is for those entrepreneurs who are passionate about building their communities, who are making the commitment to grow the startup cluster where they are.

That’s a value proposition Nibletz and its readers can get behind! Learn more about Startup Phenomenon here.

Make sure you have your ticket or Startup Avenue booth for this national startup conference.



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