Wedding Bells Lead to “Aha!” Startup Moment




When you’re a kid you have all sorts of dreams. Maybe you want to be an astronaut or an archeologist, a doctor or a mechanic, for example. Still, others have more dreams, some of which are generally considered sweeter, more romantic, or even lovely.

Enter Robert Caruso, a budding engineer turned entrepreneur who proposed to his longtime girlfriend a few months ago.

Though I’m not sure what exactly Rob’s goals were when he was a kid, marrying the woman of his dreams certainly became one. With marriage, though, comes the need for things like rings, cake, and probably, to some extent at least, fancy outfits.

With an approaching deadline to make each of those things a reality, he set out to make one thing: dollars. (Love will most certainly come next, of course.)

This was Rob’s problem. He needed to come up with some sort of solution.

His first aha moment came after a bit of an alarming realization, actually. He mentioned that it went something like this:

“We were starting to plan our wedding, and I realized that I was a graduate student. I don’t have any money. But I am an engineer. What if I made an app?”

So he began working. That was around Thanksgiving. And after a few weeks of letting it sit around he decided to start working on it again, when he had his second moment.

“Even though I’m an engineer, I’m not trained to program, you know? I’m not a programmer. But there’s a website called Google.”

The knowledge he gained from everyone’s favorite search engine helped him build his fifth official app in the Apple App Store: Swift Match, both a memory and puzzle game somewhat similar to one or two you might have seen floating around out there already but with a few twists.

Play either a free or paid version, each with three different modes, and match symbols as quickly as you can. The more you match and the less you miss, the higher your score. He launched a week ago, and there’s a chance he has enough money for a tuxedo shoe or something by now.

So far my high score is 88. If you can beat me, send me a tweet and I might write my next article about you.

Follow @SwiftMatch on Twitter and.

Tyler Sondag is a startup connoisseur with a hand in anything and everything you could imagine. Hailing from the ever-developing Northwest Mississippi, an alum of Saint Louis University and currently a transplant to St. Louis, Missouri, one of his main missions in life is to get and keep young people engaged in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Follow him on Twitter: @MrSondag.




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