42 European Investors You Really Need to Know

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Last month we posted 32 Most Influential Investors of 2013 (Outside Silicon Valley). And you loved it! It was easily one of the most popular posts of the month.

But, within hours of publication, we started getting the question: What about Europe?

It was a hand to forehead moment for us. OF COURSE we should’ve included investors from Europe (and other parts of the globe, too). We’re the voice of startups everywhere else, after all. Not “the voice of startups only in America.”


Needless to say, we set about to right our wrong. Below is our list of top European investors, and man is it a doozy! I hope we’ve more than atoned for our sins here, y’all.

What about India, you ask? Or Asia? Or Australia? If you have a suggestion for a must-include investor from one of those regions, shoot us an email (startups@nibletz.com), and we’ll get right to work on our next list.

But, for now:

42 Top European Investors

  1. Alexander von Frankenberg–High-Tech Grunderfonds, Managing Partner, Germany
  2. Andrin Bachman–Piton Capital, Partner, England
  3. Anne Glover–Amadeus Capital, CEO/Cofounder, England
  4. Christian Leybold @leybolde.ventures, General Partner, Germany
  5. David Mott @davidmottOxford Capital, Partner/Cofounder, England
  6. Dimitry Chikhachev @dchikachevRuna Capital, Cofounder/Managing Partner, Russia
  7. Eileen Burbridge @eileentsoPassion Capital, Partner, England
  8. Eric Archambeau–Wellington Partners, General Partner, England, Notable Investment: Hailo
  9. Gianluca Dettori @dgiluzdPixel, Chairman, Italy
  10. Hendrik Brandis–Early Bird, Partner/Cofounder Germany, Notable Investment: RapidMiner
  11. Jari Mieskonen–Conor Venture Partners, Managing Partner, Sweden
  12. Jeremie Berrebi @jberrebiKima Ventures, Cofounder, France/Israel, Notable Investment: Rapportive
  13. Jimmy Fussing Nielsen–Sunstone Capital, Managing Partner, Denmark, Notable Investment: Prezi
  14. John Waddell–Archangels, CEO, Scotland
  15. Julie Meyer @juliemariemeyerAriadne Capital, Chairman/CEO, England, Notable Investments: Monitise, Quill, Matternet
  16. Kevin Comolli @kevincomolliAccel Capital, Partner, England, Notable Investments: Atlassian, Etsy, Supercell
  17. Klaus Hommel–Angel investor, Notable Investments: Spotify, Facebook, Fab.com, Airbnb, Skype
  18. Kolja Hebenstreit @koljaTeam Europe Ventures, Cofounder/Managing Partner, Germany
  19. Marc Simoncini @marcsimonciniJaina Capital, CEO/Founder, France
  20. Mark Farmer–Eden Ventures, Partner/Cofounder, England, Notable Investment: Zemanta
  21. Mark Tluszcz @marktluszczMangrove Capital Partners, CEO/Founder, Luxemburg, Notable Investments: Skype, Wix
  22. Neil Rimer @narimerIndex Ventures, Partner/Cofounder, Switzerland, Notable Investments: Last.fm, Supercell
  23. Nenand Marovac–DN Capital, Founder/CEO/Managing Partner, England, Notable Investments: Shazam
  24. Niklas Zennstrom–Atomico, CEO/Founding Partner, England, Cofounder Skype, Notable Investments: Skype, Fab, and Jawbone
  25. Norman Fiore–Dawn Capital, Managing Partner, England
  26. Ondrej Bartos @obartosCredo Ventures, Partner, Czech Republic
  27. Paul Heydon @pheydonLondon Venture Partners, General Partner, England, Notable Investments: Supercell
  28. Pawel Chudzinski @chawelPoint Nine Capital, Cofounder/Managing Partner, Germany
  29. Philippe Collombel @pcollombelPartech Ventures, Co-Managing Partner, France, Notable Investments: Scoop.it
  30. Rob Kniaz @robkHoxton Ventures, Founding Partner, England
  31. Robert Bonanzinga @bonanzingaBalderton Capital, Partner, England, Notable Investment: Sketchfab
  32. Rodrigo Sepulveda @rodrig0–angel, France
  33. Roman Huber–Bayern Kapital, Managing Partner, Bavaria
  34. Sean Seton-Rogers @setonrogPROfounders Capital, England, Notable Investments: TweetDeck
  35. Sherry Coutou @scoutou–angel, England
  36. Sitar Teli @sitarConnect Ventures, Managing Partner, England
  37. Stephen Chandler @sc_chandlerNotion Capital, Managing Partner, England
  38. Sven Achter–Holtzbrinck Ventures, General Partner, Germany
  39. Tellef Thorleifsson–Northzone Ventures, Cofounder, Norway, Notable Investment: Spotify
  40. Timo Ahopelto @timomjLifeline Ventures, Finland
  41. Ulla Brockenhuus-Schack–Seed Capital, Managing Partner, Denmark
  42. Yaron Valler @yvallerHasso Plattner Ventures, Managing Partner, Germany



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  1. 1

    i don’t see the list as having any merit – for example Ariadne capital is listed but everyone knows they don’t have any money –

  2. 2

    The is more of a list of people who want to feel important than those who really are… compiled for their # of tweets, followers, and Likes?

    The “notable investments” will be very unnotable when we get into the next crisis…

  3. 3

    Agree with the post below, I definitely wouldn’t call Ariadne a top investment firm- been advised to stay away!

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