3 Eureka! Moments Every Entrepreneur Has


In a world with stiff competition and evaporating attention spans, raising brand awareness is harder than ever. It’s no longer possible to simply be in the right place at the right time. Now, it’s imperative that you have the right marketing behind you if you’re going to make any kind of splash in the cutthroat world of business.

It can be pretty difficult, though, especially for startups, to find the clout or resources to forge a successful strategy. A small team and an even smaller budget are huge roadblocks to avoid in finding startup success. How can you raise any kind of interest in your brand when you don’t have the capacity of your competitors? That’s where a smart marketing plan comes in, but it isn’t always that simple.

No degree of planning or education can prepare you from the very real problems that will arise during your startup journey. You won’t have any textbooks to reference. You won’t have a tutor that holds all the answers. You’re on your own. It’s time to sink or swim. What’s it going to be?

The truth is that the world of small business is all about trial and error. You’re going to get things wrong. There are going to be setbacks. The sooner you can wrap your head around this the better. It’s not a slight on you, nor your business. It’s a simple consequence of the world we now live in.

If you’ve yet to begin marketing your startup, you don’t know the perils that lie ahead. You’re probably filled with a buoyant enthusiasm and a boundless resolve. I’m a little envious of those traits. But prepare to have that resolve tested. Before your small business finds the traction or momentum it needs to scale new heights, there will be several ‘Eureka!’ moments. The sooner you have them, the easier it will be to get back on track. Here’s what you should expect.

Market Your Product, Not Your Brand

This is a critical error of judgment that many new businesses make. The idea is that you need eyes on your business and not the services that your business offers. That’s not the case. What good is having an audience when you’ve got no stage show? That’s going to create some hostility and resentment; things that your brand may not bounce back from. Before you even think about selling yourself, make sure you’re backed up by an equally reliable product. Only then can you start to think about reaching out to marketing agencies like LosAngelesSEO.org. The last thing you want is major traffic before you are ready. 


Perspective Isn’t 20/20

When you’re first starting out, chances are all your energy will be spent focusing on the things that will greatly benefit your business. Somewhere along the way, you’ll realize that you’ve taken the wrong approach. Starting a small business is all about minimums. Minimum expectations. Minimum standards. Minimum reach. You figure that, as long as you exceed the minimum expectations, you’re standing in good stead, right?

Nope. Putting all that focus on the minimum is taking customer value away from your business. You may be desperately clinging to the idea that you need to achieve certain targets for sustainability. But that’s losing sight of your real goal; what is my value to the customer. It isn’t the other way around. It’s not even a two-way street. What your business gets from the customer is irrelevant. It’s about what the customer gets from your business. The sooner you learn that, the sooner you’ll make smarter decisions for long-term success.

You Can Peak Too Soon

It’s the dream of every entrepreneur to experience rapid growth at the earliest opportunity. It makes sense, right? The sooner you’re expanding, the more money you’re going to be making. Everyone’s a winner. Well, not quite. There is such a thing as premature growth. Let’s say your company finds wild success in its infancy. Great. But what then? All of a sudden, there’s increased expectation and pressure. None of which you’re particularly well equipped to deal with.

In the world of business, you’ve got to pay your dues. Scraping by for survival is the only thing that’s going to prepare you for the perils of expansion. Trust me on this. If you can guide your small business through the uncertain terrain early on you’ll have the experience to navigate the world of big business. Don’t get ideas above your station. Enjoy the learning curve. It won’t last long, but you need to make the most of it.


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