The Best Ways To Keep Your Customers Happy


If you own or run a customer facing business then you’ll already know how important it is to keep them happy. Businesses thrive from customer satisfaction, there are a number of things which can hurt your business but angry customers who vow not to return can be the most damning of all. Here are some tips to keep your business falling into any of the traps.

Pay Attention To What They Want

If you offer a service of some sorts then as time goes by you’ll get feedback, it’s logical to act on negative feedback because if you don’t then the customer will likely go somewhere else and if it annoys one it probably annoys others. To get a real scope of what the customer wants you can take out a survey, this will give you a wide range of opinion from customers of different ages and backgrounds. You can even incentivise your survey to make them feel more engaged, or, if you just don’t have the time there are companies that’ll help you with your surveys.

Offer Differing Finance Options

Whatever business you operate you should endeavor to accept all kinds of finance. The future of retail financing allows customers the option to buy how they want. You you don’t have certain facilities then you’re isolating a clutch of customers. You should be able to accept hard cash, EFT payments, credit card and have a contactless facility. Apple and Android pay are the new must haves too. If your products are quite expensive then you should be able to offer finance options, this allows people to pay who haven’t got the full amount at hand.

Be Kind

All interactions with customer service should be done in a kind and professional manner. No gruffness or rudeness, just be kind and professional. Otherwise it’s going to damage your brand

Irrevocably. You’re employees should consistently model this, and you should give them the correct training so they can deal with unhappy or even angry customers. They should always stay calm and be willing to represent your brand in a positive way.

Go above and beyond.

Your skillset may be more than what’s been scoped for you, so think beyond your assigned role. You may be retained to help on pure marketing but have expertise in product marketing, which falls under a different domain. Why not offer ideas, tips and suggestions? We can all do that little bit more, and it’s really what sets you apart from the competitors. If you go above and beyond in the right way then you can earn a customer for life. Customers talk, and they’ll tell each other about what you do that your competitors don’t.

Think of customer satisfaction as the lifeblood of your company. The happier they are with you, the more they’ll spend. If they’re waiting, offer them a tea or coffee, if you think they weren’t offered the right kind of service then send them a coupon in the post. It’ll impress them, sure, but it also means they have to come back to spend it giving you another chance to impress. Think outside the box, and stick to the years old mantra of the customer is always right.


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