Fun and Profitable Ways to Promote Your Business on the Internet


No matter what type of business you run, there are a hundred and one ways that it can benefit from having an online presence. It could be a simple website that links to your brick and mortar store, food truck or any type of physical location. You can have it list your services, products and other information, or perhaps you could even sell items on your website. Whatever you decide, there’s a simple and cheap way to get what you want.

If you want to improve your online presence and have people all over the world come and visit your business or use your services, then follow these vital tips.

Social Media Presence

People like to have a way to relate to and follow their favorite businesses. If someone hasn’t discovered your business yet, it’s only a matter of time before someone they know shares your business with them in the form of a social media mention or something similar. However, if you don’t have social media accounts in the first place then how do you expect to get noticed in a sea of busy users?

Social media is important for any type of business. It doesn’t matter what your specialty is—there’s a place on social media for you and there are circles that you need to get involved with to market yourself. Let’s say you’re running an art printing service where you print high-quality pictures onto canvases to be hung on walls. You can get your business involved with many different art communities such as DeviantArt or Pixiv. Once your name has been mentioned or someone in the community gives you positive feedback about a print you did for them, your brand will spread like wildfire and you’ll get more and more clients.

Don’t neglect the effect that a simple Twitter message or Facebook update can have on your business. Keep your users in the loop with all your latest products and services, interact with them on social media channels and follow industry figureheads to learn what’s going on in the industry you specialize in.

Create Online Promotions and Offers

The best way to gather attention to your website is to create online-exclusive promotions and offers. For example, this survey at has people answering questions about Red Robin in exchange for coupon deals and offers for their next purchases. This is a multi-layered promotion because you’re generating feedback about your business while at the same time, offering your loyal customers a little extra bonus on their next purchase.

Space out your online promotions and make sure they don’t coincide with your competition. If you’re selling video games and a popular platform such as Steam is also offering deals during the same period, then people are most likely going to flock to the more popular option unless you can offer them something a large corporation like Steam cannot.

You can also utilize mobile applications to your advantage. Let’s say you run a small coffee shop in a busy city. Start a campaign with a custom-made mobile application that offers people a free cup of coffee every Monday. All they have to do is install your free application to their phones, show a specially generated code to your cashier, and then you can accept that code and award them with a free cup of coffee. You can then add a rewards scheme to your application. Perhaps each cup of coffee gives them points that can be spent on offers, such as 50% off their next doughnut or cake, or a free bagel to go with their next purchase of coffee. The goal is to keep your customers returning, and the internet is a great way to spread offers and deals.

Delivery Services

It used to be difficult setting up a delivery service for your business, but that’s no longer the case. Whether you’re operating a food business or selling computer components, you can set up eCommerce services for a low price. Depending on your web host, they might even be integrated into your web hosting package and for a small price per month, you could be taking orders that automatically accept customer payments and print shipping labels for you. All you have to do is package it up and take it to the local post office.

There are also some specialized delivery services that you can register your business with. For example, Quiqup allows customers to purchase items from almost any store, be it a cafe or supermarket. You simply register your interest, work together with the service to list all of your products, and then people can buy your items from the comfort of their home. Someone will come to pick up the goods the customer ordered, you hand it to them, and then the delivery operative will personally deliver the items.


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