Getting Entrepreneurial: 5 Tips for Winning over Business Clients


It has never been easier to start a business.

The rise of digital commerce has made it possible for all kinds of people to launch new ventures. It is a misconception, however, to assume that it is also easier to run a business now. If anything, it has become increasingly challenging.

Competition is fierce, so entrepreneurs need more than a great idea.

They need to be able to forge strong links with vendors and retailers, not just with customers. Settling bills on time, listening to the wishes of clients, and taking the time to network strengthens B2B relationships.

Keep reading for some tips on the best ways to impress big retailers and secure lucrative commercial contracts.

Give a Special Gift

One of the simplest and most effective ways to please clients is with smart promotional products. Everybody likes to get something for nothing and, if it has a practical application, it is going to go down well with people in the office. Just make sure to strike the right balance between branding and finding new B2B contacts. The gifts that you give should be immediately useful, attractive to look at and offer maximum longevity (like a calendar or mug).

Go the Extra Mile

It pays to be extra attentive when trying to convince retailers and vendors that your product is the next big thing. Don’t make promises unless you can keep them, but do make an effort to please clients. Whether this means taking industry contacts out to dinner or sending gifts to valued associates, make your B2B relationships feel important.

Always Be Reliable

If you are a first-time entrepreneur, you will likely be held to a very high standard. Mainstream retailers are used to taking risks on new products, but there isn’t much room for failure. If you miss supply deadlines or your products are not up to scratch, most won’t stick around for a second attempt. So, only commit when you are sure that you can deliver. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, and satisfied clients will want to introduce you to others.

Find the Right Crowd

Networking is a hugely underrated form of marketing these days.

Many younger entrepreneurs neglect it because they put all of their time into digital advertising and SEO. Both are important, but networking has a higher impact if it is done correctly. While it may not be as fast or broad as social media, face to face communication is unbeatable when it comes to leaving a lasting impression. Attend trade shows, workshops, industry talks, and pitch nights for the opportunity to schmooze new clients.

Prioritize the Customer

To impress retailers, you need to prove that you can please their customers.

When giving pitches and presentations to prospective B2B clients, focus on the end user. Make it clear why investing in your product is the best way to make shoppers happy. Try to be concise and straightforward. Too much marketing jargon can discourage sales consultants. Ultimately, all parties involved in a business deal just want to know how they stand to benefit.  

Why a Little Goes a Long Way in the World of B2B

When you are a small business and just starting out in the world, having the right support can mean the difference between success and early failure. So, make a special effort to connect with retailers and vendors who share your values. Put time into B2B relationships and don’t be afraid to remind clients that they are an important part of your operation. Whether you do this with promotional gifts, social meets, or special rates, giving a little is a good way to win those lucrative contracts.   


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