Innovative Ways To Hire Staff For Your Startup

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Setting up a startup comes with many stages, and for a while, it could just be you by yourself. When you finally get the finances to take more people on board, finding the right people can actually be a challenge – especially if you want to build a team of good people around you. One way to pick the best of the bunch is through adopting innovative hiring practices which could help you attract the best people to your business to get it off to a great start.

Pose a challenge

Have you seen the Benedict Cumberbatch movie The Imitation Game? In that, he posts a crossword that is actually a job advert designed to recruit only the greatest minds. Why can’t you do something similar? Of course, it doesn’t have to be a crossword, but some type of attention-grabbing puzzle that requires your desired skill set to solve it, could be exactly what you need to pick the best people for the job. Your test can be housed on your own website, in job pages or anywhere else where the right people will see it.

Think outside the box

Your innovative recruitment drive can not only serve as a good way to hire the best for your business but be an effective PR exercise too. Take inspiration from innovative recruitment practices that really paid off and see if you can find anything that suits your business and its aims. Use social media to shout out about it, and if your campaign goes viral, it could mean great things for your company.

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Go global

Does your business need to hire local people? Why not attract the best talent from elsewhere? Cloud computing and flexible working mean that businesses, especially new businesses, can work anywhere in the world – with more and more companies having workers based in different countries. Could your recruitment work on a global scale? If not, but you still want to add an international voice to your business, you can still hire employees from abroad, but you may need to speak to some business immigration attorneys about your plans first. That may sound scary, but it’s the best way to avoid legal repercussions later on.

Try group interviews

Group interviews are a becoming more popular as a way to build teams. You can use existing ways of holding basic group interviews as well as try some of your own that will be better suited to the work of your company. By putting people in a team situation from the outset, you can see how people work together and whether they will be a good fit for your company, rather than interviewing on an individual basis only. You could start by doing an initial one-on-one interview based on your best applications and then put them into the team setting – almost like making a strategy with your chess pieces. This way of recruiting looks more at the bigger picture than just individual talents.

Once you’ve hired your new recruits, it’s important to create a positive work environment for them. Good talent is hard to come by, and after working so hard to get it, you’ll want to retain it.


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