Is Your Business Safe From Crime?

Your business isn’t just an income for you, it’s a passion and your employees rely on the business for their wage too. It would be devastating to realize that you’ve been the victim of crime and you could no longer trade until the mess was sorted out. It’s important to protect yourself, your business and your employees from crime. So, what can you do to make things safer?

Risk Assessment

The best way to make sure your business is safe, is to know where you’re vulnerable. You may have been the victim of crime before, so you’ll be able to pinpoint how the thieves got into your premises and why it took as long as it did for anyone to find out. Alternatively, you may have been the victim of online hacking, in which case, your I.T department needs to find out where there are holes in your online security.

Keep Your Premises Safe

The majority of small business burglaries are unplanned. Therefore, whatever you can do to scare off a potential burglar will lessen your risk. Why not consider putting in motion detectors that switch on lights when someone walks near the premises? You could also think about an Axis IP camera, so if a burglar did attempt a break in, you’d have footage ready for the police. Even signs that say ‘CCTV in operation’ are often enough to scare away thieves.


Do you and your staff know what to do in the event of a serious threat? Are you prepared for fires, bomb threats or someone coming in to the premises with an armed weapon? These are never things that we like or want to think about, but preparing for them is necessary. The likeliness of it happening is minimal, but your staff should know that it’s better to give up the goods than try to protect them, getting hurt in the process. Teach your staff how spot suspicious behaviour, so you know that anyone acting unusual in the building will be reported to you immediately.

Lock Your Stock

If a thief thinks they’ll have easy access to stock once they’re in the building, they may be willing to take the risk. After all, how quickly would a response team be at your building if an alarm were to go off. They may have time to get to the stock and leave quickly. If potential burglars know that your stock is locked up or difficult to get to, they’ll be much less likely to take the risk.

Shred Documents

All kinds of different documents go through a business. It could be anything, from your and your employees personal information to passcodes or private emails between business owners. It’s important that all business documents are shredded, not ripped up. Ripping up documents makes it easy for burglars to go through bins and piece together vital information that could help them gain access to your business.

Your business is always a potential target, so you’ll need to constantly be thinking about safety measures.


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