Time Is Money – Stop Wasting It Pointlessly!


Launching a business today brings you into a bright and active environment where things move fast and digitally. Indeed, the digital age has dramatically changed the way businesses used to work. And that’s a good thing because you want to embrace the digital way. Without digital technology, your business structure would be sluggish and outdated. To stay on the move, you need to be aware that 38% of jobs in the USA might be replaced by technology before 2040. Sounds scary? Don’t be fooled! What it means is that in 15 years’ time, new digital skills will be required to deal with the new tech requirements of companies. Why should such a thing happen? Because technology saves time, and consequently money. But don’t wait until 2040, adopt simple cost-saving tech solutions in your business now.

#1. No more emails processing

How long do you need to process your professional emails every day? Between customers’ notes, confidential information and public notifications, employees need up to 2 hours a day to organize their mailbox. That’s why you need a strong email classification system to save your time when treating your email and archiving it. More importantly, it keeps you focused on the security policy within your business as it automatically marked as confidential messages that share private data.

#2. No more chasing invoices

For small like big businesses, the accounting team needs to be working on budgeting, keeping books, and tax management tasks. However, more often than not, the accountant team’s effort is spent in organizing the invoice management process, which leaves less time for strategic operations that could save money. An automated workflow to deal with invoices and payables can help to save time and money in the long term. For a start, there’s no more need to work at the slow pace of paper invoicing, as this can make it challenging for PO matching and approval. Additionally, keeping a digital source of your invoices – as a debtor and creditor – makes them available to all and easier to keep track of.  

#3. No more on-site meetings

The main problem with organizing meetings is that they tend to occur at a specific location and cost you up to a day of work to get there. Wasting a day for a 1-hour-long meeting? Now that’s not a smart move. Virtual meetings, in comparison, have no travel time or cost involved. Besides, as you can record them, they’re easier to share with those who couldn’t attend in real time. More importantly, virtual meetings don’t harm your productivity. And with the option to visio with your team or partners, there’s no reason why you should prefer a face-to-face meeting anymore!

#4. No more lengthy task transfer

Do you hate it when you need to work with others on the same report? One of you prepares the first draft with their bits in on Words, saves it, and then sends it to the next one who will add their parts before saving and emailing it further. What a waste of time! Working with collaborative tools, not only allows you to all work together on the same project but also to exchange information with other projects you wouldn’t have been aware of otherwise. That’s a serious gain of time and productivity!

In a few words, technology saves you time, which saves your money. Whether it’s email processing or team work, there’s no valid reason to keep things manual anymore. Go cyber and drive your business to success!


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