What Do All Entrepreneurs Have in Common?


All different types of people are drawn to the world of business. You don’t necessarily have to be ruthless, dominating and assertive in order to achieve the success you are looking for. On the other hand, there are a few personality traits that a huge number of entrepreneurs have in common. It is these that we will be focusing on in this article. The following four traits are all highly beneficial to the aspiring entrepreneur, so take a look through and see if you can identify yourself in any or all of them.

A Ceaseless Curiosity

Many successful entrepreneurs and business people are always looking to acquire new knowledge and skills – it is this quality that helps them stand out above the competition. The internet has changed the game in this regard as so much information is now available at the touch of a button. If you are looking for a good starting point, check out 12 things all business students can learn from Jamie Dimon. With the knowledge that entrepreneurs acquire, they are always looking for whether there is a better way of doing things that they can develop themselves. Business is very much a world of survival of the fittest, so this relentless curiosity and enthusiasm ensures that these people are always driving their businesses forward.

Boundless Creativity

Entrepreneurs see the world in a different way and look for creative solutions to problems that they encounter. But creativity doesn’t necessarily only mean inventing new products. It also refers to finding new ways of doing things and creating strategic approaches that help the  clients they serve. Even the biggest businesses are always having to enhance and adapt as time moves on. As an example, McDonald’s could have stayed as a simple burger joint, but instead it has cottoned on to the growing trend for coffee shops and gourmet burgers and offered these things accordingly. Creativity is probably one of the most natural qualities that people would associate with entrepreneurship, but you also need to have the drive to put these ideas into practice.

Taking Responsibility

A huge proportion of people are fairly passive and willing to let life happen to them rather than making the decision to take responsibility and control. Rather than seeing things as obstacles, entrepreneurs view challenges in front of them that need to be tackled and overcome. Instead of feeling powerless, they always feel like they have a degree of control over the situation that they can exert if necessary. In general, people tend to complain about situations but don’t really do all that much to change them. Entrepreneurs see things that they need to influence and work out ways in which they can do so.


As we have already talked about, the world of business is fast moving and unrelenting. This means that entrepreneurs can’t afford to stand still for too long or they risk getting left behind. Therefore, decisiveness is a quality that many entrepreneurs possess so they can move their business forward. Along with this decisiveness comes a degree of risk taking as you can never really predict what all the consequences of your choices are going to be. Though they listen to advice, entrepreneurs are still willing to take decisions on their own shoulders and stand by them whether they go wrong or not.


Of course, as mentioned at the start, entrepreneurs vary wildly from person to person, but if you look at many business people a little closer, you will see that they possess the four qualities that we have just talked about. That is not to say that everyone who possesses these things will always succeed, but they can go a long way toward the success of a business. Entrepreneurs don’t let circumstances stand in the way – they find solutions to problems which they encounter before them. They have a never ending curiosity which allows them to continue to innovate and discover new things about the particular field that they have chosen. And when they come up with solutions to problems, they have the decisiveness to take them through to their natural conclusion. Finally, they take responsibility whether or not they are shown to be right or wrong. It is often the mistakes that people learn the most from in life as they know not to repeat them. So, if you see yourself in the entrepreneurial qualities we have just talked about, you could well be on the fast track to business success.        



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