First Impressions: Wow Your Clients With Your Office Space


When it comes to making first impressions on your clients, your office space says it all. A cluttered office says that a business is unorganized and that may put clients off. A dank and dreary space could affect your client’s mood and may lead to them taking their business to your competitors, who have a light and airy office. If you’re not thinking about how your office represents you when clients come to visit, you may be unintentionally giving off the wrong vibes. So, how can your office make the best impression?

Office Furniture

The furniture you use is important for both your clients and your employees. Using light colored furniture will give the illusion that smaller spaces are larger than they are. Adding pops of color to the room with cushions, bean bags and accessories will make the space seem inviting. Of course, the furniture also has to be functional and comfortable. Your employees need furniture that will help them to be productive. Look for fun and bright ergonomic chairs for employees to sit on and a meeting table that stands out from the crowd to impress clients.


There comes a day when every office needs to be remodeled to suit growing expectations. If you’re hiring civil engineering companies, make sure they use materials that won’t block the signal you’re receiving in the office space. The last thing you want to return to is slow internet speed and frustrated clients. If you invest in data hardware throughout the office, you can be sure that clients visiting the office space won’t have to put up with slow signals. It’s also vital for when you’re making presentations. The quicker you can get through them, the happier your clients will be.

Show Off Your Brand

They say that the one thing that makes a business look trustworthy is a great brand. As soon as your client walks through the office doors, it has to be obvious where they are. After all, the client may have spent all week visiting your competitors, so your office space needs to say who you are and what you’re about immediately. One of the best ways for your brand to stick with a client is to plaster it over the little things in the office. Let your client walk away with a pen that has your logo on it, use mugs with the logo on it to serve coffee and any paperwork the client takes away should have a clear and concise header.

Use Digital Storage

No client wants to walk into an office that seems to be in utter chaos. If your employees are running around trying to find hard copies of files that could easily be stored online, it’s probably time for a change. Not having hard copies around makes an office space look much tidier, far less cluttered and it’s more impressive if someone can find what a client needs with the click of a button, rather than a rummage through the filing cabinets.

Make your client feel at home and you’re on track for a great relationship.


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