Startup Ideas: Mobile Coffee Business


If you’re thinking of starting a business in 2016, congratulations! It’s finally time to break out of the dull routine, and work for yourself. Become your own boss, and start doing something you love. We quite often get asked for ideas and inspiration for new startups. So, we thought we’d take a look at some ideas in more detail. Today, we’re looking at the ins and outs of starting a mobile coffee business. You may already be familiar with the concept. You’d take a mobile van to most of the major offices and workplaces in the city. After all, everyone loves the a mid-morning coffee break!

Startup costs – If you love the smell of coffee, and that warming feeling, it’s a great startup idea. Plus, this is an easier option than opening up a coffee store. Best of all, it’s cheaper too. Most startups are looking to keep costs low, so this is perfect. You will, of course, need the van to get started. Plus, there are costs for installing coffee making facilities in the back. If this seems to expensive, you can always buy into an existing franchise, and they’ll provide you with the vehicle.

Licensing – A coffee van business often requires a license from the council or local authority. There’s a simple reason for this. You are technically involved in street trading, which requires permission from the authorities. Seek advice from your local council, and find out the rules for any boroughs you wish to work in. This should all be straightforward, and relatively cheap to organise too.

Finding customers – There is no shortage of people looking for coffee, that’s for sure! Everyone loves their regular cup of joe in the morning. However, everyone also has their existing loyalties and favourites. We all have our daily habits and routines. It’s up to you to convince people to break them, and start making you their daily routine! How exactly will you do this? You either need to be more convenient, cheaper or better quality than their regular option. Try offering a discount during your first few months.

Upkeep and maintenance – You’re relying on your van for your business. If there are any small problems, it could put you out of action for days or even weeks. That means a big loss of money. Both your van and the coffee making equipment is vulnerable, so make sure you check it regularly. Stock up on spare parts from La Marzocco, and take the van for regular servicing at the auto shop.

Coffee making skill – All other points aside, the core of your business is the quality of coffee. People will pay good money for a creamy, velvet cappuccino. They’ll pay good money for a rich, flavoursome coffee bean. The bar is set very high when it comes to premium coffee! Consider taking barista training, and hone your skills until they are perfect.

We all love our morning cup of joe, and it’s even better if it comes straight to us! A coffee shop on wheels is a lucrative new venture, but have you got what it takes? Let us know what you think!


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