Top Tips to Open a Successful Coffee Shop


The world’s thirst for coffee only seems to keep getting greater and greater. Coffee shops are springing up all over the place to meet this growing demand, and for many budding entrepreneurs, this seems like the ideal enterprise to start themselves. Of course, it is a highly competitive field and you need to be prepared for various challenges that lie in front of you. In this article, we are going to give you a few top tips to help you in your endeavours.

Create a Solid Business Plan

Every business starts with a strong business plan and setting up a coffee shop is no different. Essentially, you need to include all the key information about your plans including how it will be profitable, your plans for growth, and any competitor analysis that you have done. With so many businesses wanting to do exactly the same thing as you, it is important that you find a few ways that you can stand out from the crowd.

Choose the Right Building

Once you have your initial plan in place, the time has come to choose a location. Ideally, you want something which is centrally located so you have a good passing trade of customers. Be warned that finding your dream spot isn’t something that will happen overnight and you need to be prepared to be a little patient in your quest. When you inspect potential premises, take the time to envisage how your business will run there and how you will lay it out.

Create Your Floor Plan

Once you have your viable coffee shop space, the time has come to create your floor plan. You need to have enough room for a counter and a number of chairs and tables which have been adequately spaced out. Nobody likes a coffee shop which feels cluttered and crowded. Imagine that you are a customer and think about the details that you would be looking for. You also need to consider details like toilets and bathroom partitions. There are plenty of online tools that you may find helpful that help you to map out your floor plan digitally.

Hire an Accountant

If there is one area of your business that is worth outsourcing, it is the accounts. As well as freeing up some of your valuable time, a good accountant will save you money so you can run your coffee shop more effectively. Many accountants also double up as small business consultants as they have worked on so many projects in the past and can spot the common pitfalls and problems. Try to get a personal recommendation from someone you trust so you know you are hiring a high-quality professional.

Shop Around for Everything

Keeping a close eye on your finances is so important when you are starting a business, so don’t just accept the first offer on everything. Search online, visit different suppliers and generally get a range of quotes and be prepared to negotiate. On a similar note, make sure that you have a clear budget in mind of what you can spend on everything. Many small businesses fail simply because they have not put enough thought into financial planning.

Start Marketing Before You Open

The time to start marketing for your coffee shop is a decent amount of time before you open. On the opening day, you want people to have already heard about your business and know a decent amount about it. Make sure that you utilise online marketing channels and set up social media accounts to generate a following. Get in contact with the local press to ensure that they are on hand to cover the launch of your business.

Don’t Just Focus on the Interior

Of course, the interior of your coffee shop is hugely important, but you also need to consider how it looks from the exterior as well. After all, you want people to walk past and feel compelled to go inside. The landscaping, signage, and general exterior appearance are all things that you will need to consider closely.

Hire Slowly

Good-quality baristas with excellent customer service skills are worth their weight in gold, so make sure that you take the time to hire people who are right for your business. The whole point of a coffee shop is that it is a place where customers can relax and feel happy. The staff will go a long way towards achieving this for your coffee shop.


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