4 Ways To Improve SEO Without Rewriting Content


Typically, ranking highly on Google is about content. After all, the more material you have, the easier it is to leverage keywords, which means there a better chance of being noticed. It’s a simple piece of logic which website owners use to maintain their high SEO standards. However, one mistake they make is to churn out new content or mess with the old material for great results. Although it works, it’s also a time-consuming process which can be annoying and stressful. Usually, it’s best to avoid rewriting altogether and focus on alternative methods to boost SEO.

Here is a handful of the most effective ones at your disposal.

Update Title Tags

Every page has a tag – it’s the thing which pops up at the end of the domain name. For something small, it has a huge impact on pagerank because it’s a chance to optimize content. All you have to do is think about the titles of your content and include words and phrase which you know rank highly. Google will pick this up and adjust the page accordingly. Of course, if every page on the site ups its title tag game, then the entire website will get a boost.

Keywords In Existing Content

Okay, so you can’t touch or don’t want to rewrite the content which already exists on the platform. No problem because you can use Google to tell you which words and phrases are relevant to the content that already exists. With a tool such as a keyword planner, there is no reason to let old material get stale and lose points. Instead, consider inserting the terms which the planner believes is relevant to the content now. You can do this by including it in the main body or playing around with tags, meta tags and headings.

Purge Content

People laugh when experts like Skip The Line Backlinks recommend purging content. What kind of professional tells you to get rid of the thing which boosts SEO? Well, the type that knows what they are talking about! It’s tempting to think that all content is terrific because it has the potential for keywords and backlinks, yet it isn’t the case. Sadly, bad content will negatively impact your ranking because search engines rank pages based on added value. If you aren’t adding anything, it’s best to delete the dead wood and opt for quality over quantity.

Play With Page Speed

The Fred algorithm only convinced the SEO community or what it already knew: Google values speed. The reason is simple: it increases the user experience. After all, the quicker the page loads, the happier the customer is and the less time they waste. So, any pages which load slowly are going to reflect poorly on the king of search engines. Therefore, ensuring images aren’t too big or that videos don’t lag are tricks which can boost SEO without much hassle. Just general maintenance goes a long way also.

It’s true that content is king, both written and video. Still, there’s no need to rewrite or re-post everything you have ever done to optimize SEO.


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