Where Does Competence Come Into Marketing?

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How do you define marketing? Is it simply being able to propagandize well, as in trying to spin a product to look better than it is? Is it deception? Is it exposure? Or does it have more of a significant social element?

Marketers are often viewed with some form of disdain by the public. They know when an advertisement is silly, on the nose, or simply doesn’t respect their intelligence. This is why clever and well-crafted advertising campaigns are celebrated so much. They’re rare, and when they hit, they hit with impact. Competence is a large factor in the creation of such content. What does this mean? Well, when it comes to developing a more profound and affecting campaign, reading social humor and the general climate at large is essential. In the interests of developing our understanding of marketing competence, we’re going to talk about what it comprises of:


Subtlety is important when it comes to developing competence. In order to develop your message more thoroughly, you need to allow it to transcend mere marketing. It needs to be affecting, worth content of its own. Think of a video advertisement, the first one you can remember being impressed by. It’s likely this has stuck in your memory for a reason. Either it was very funny, clever, impressive or a spectacle. You likely remember the product that was being promoted along with the advert.

However, we’re willing to bet you didn’t feel sold to during your time experiencing the advertisement. That was a necessary companion, but it wasn’t the focus. This is where smart and subtle advertising is heading. People are so aware of being sold to that they are great at filtering it out. Walking down the street often brings us in contact with a plethora of brightly lit signs all snapping for our attention. It’s likely we give these not even a moment’s notice unless we’re looking primarily for something to buy. This subtlety previously explained can give you the power of magnetism regarding the public who deeply desire to have their intelligence respected.


Marketing is only as good as the reach it has. You can pull off the best and most intelligent campaign ever, but if it only reaches one hundred people, then you’ve missed your opportunity. Thankfully the internet has made this easier than ever, particularly methods of social media marketing. If you’re able to, it’s very instructive and enlightening to see how tracked advertising can work for your firm, and how it affects you personally. For example, we suggest you type in ‘guitar packages’ into Google or Amazon right now. Search a few links, and continue with your work or reading blogs. The next time you watch a YouTube video, or read your Facebook timeline, you will see tracked ads next to your profile or before your video. Just imagine how your business could profit from this. Work using tracked advertising ID’s, sponsored Facebook and Instagram posts, and search engine optimization. Use it wisely and willingly. It can gift you much more reach than any billboard or magazine space can, and with more specificity.

With these things combined, your marketing competence will never be called into question.


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