3 Great Ways to Grow Your Small Business’ Instagram Followers


With over 800 million monthly active users, it’s becoming more and more evident that Instagram is an essential tool in a marketer’s toolkit. If not too long ago, businesses dismissed the social platform as just a passing trend, now they are beginning to realize the power the network holds. In fact, reports show that Instagram has the highest engagement rates among all social networks. And, it makes sense if you think about it: highly visual and entertaining and with massive potential for growth, Instagram can drive conversions for a small business.

The question is: how do you get there? How can a small business gain Instagram followers that it could nurture into buyers?

Here are some ideas that might help.

Learn How to Use Hashtags Correctly

Hashtags seem to be all-powerful. They can help you attract followers, increase engagement, generate more likes and make it easier for prospects to find the information that interests them. There’s just one twist, though: you need to know how to use them correctly and leverage their power.

Here’s the thing: even though hashtags offer many benefits, they won’t help you if they are not relevant to your business. Think about your target audience, their needs, and how your products or services can help them. If you’re a physical therapy clinic, for instance, then it would be better to use hashtags that add value to your PT business, such as #physicaltherapy, #getPT, or #paincontrol rather than generic ones like #health or #blessed.

Create a Theme

Here’s a fun fact: the human brain can process information about 60,000 times faster than text. That’s one of the reasons Instagram is one of the most engaging social media platforms out there.

It’s also why it can help you reach your business purposes and scale your revenue. So, why not leverage Instagram’s highly visual nature and create a profile that is sure to stand out and increase your following.

For instance, you could create a theme and automatically boost your profile’s image and engagement rates. Make sure to be consistent with your photos if you want to achieve an aesthetic effect. Use the same filters when you edit your photos, pick a color to set the tone of your grid and don’t forget about framing your pictures correctly.

Post Exclusive Sneak Peak Pictures

Another thing that made Instagram such a powerhouse is that it allows users to share snaps from their lives and create an authentic connection with their followers. Sure, those perfectly lit images that you are posting are an excellent way to showcase your professionalism and trustworthiness. But, don’t ignore the human component of this network and focus on building an actual relationship with your followers.

The best way to do that is by sharing “behind the scenes” photos that let prospects take a sneak peek into how your business functions. Use the story feature to post exclusive content and create an emotional connection with your audience. Let them know how you celebrate an employee’s birthday, how you overcome a difficult day, and so on.


With one in three small businesses on Instagram saying that the platform helped them increase sales, it’s evident that you can’t ignore the network anymore. Use the tips above to fuel your company and drive more followers and engagement to your profile.


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