The Famous Five Golden Rules of SEO


No matter what kind of website you run, making sure that you can be easily found online should be one of your top priorities. And there is no doubt that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) holds the key to you achieving your goals. However, to people not in the know, it can seem like a seriously confusing area which is difficult to navigate.

Of course, the solution of many people is to head to the SEO Experts for some much-needed help. But it still helps to know a few of the golden rules and things which you can do yourself. This is where this article comes in.


Google and the other major search engines love to see fresh content being produced on a regular basis. So, populating your website with regular, well-written words should be one of your highest priorities. Of course, you should be aiming to produce content which provides genuine value to people’s lives, so make sure that you write with your audience firmly in mind.


While you  should tailor your content to be read by a human audience and not a machine, you still need to input some keywords to give yourself the best chance of being found when these terms are searched. However, this doesn’t mean that you should simply stuff your articles full of a certain word or phrase as this is going to seem totally unnatural. Make sure that you check out factors like monthly search volume, competition level and bid value to decide which keywords to target.


With so many people using the smartphones to access the internet, you are missing a trick if your website is not responsive to their requirements. If your website needs to be redesigned to suit the preferences of your users, this is a step that is certainly worth taking. Different devices are used to access the internet and you need to accommodate everyone’s individual requirements.


You should be actively seeking backlinks on other websites which redirect users back to your site. However, the website that you are seeking to obtain backlinks on should be genuinely high-ranking or ‘valuable’ sites. One of the most popular ways of achieving backlinks these days is with guest blogging, and this is certainly something which you could look into.


In today’s fast-paced world, your website needs to suit the demands of your users. So, your sire should be to be both quick and responsive. This is not only important for SEO; it also ensures that users stick around to check out your content. Make sure that your images are no larger than they need to be and that they are in the correct file format.

The above points should provide you with a good starting point in the world of SEO. It is not an exact science, but keep doing the right things, and you should start to receive the rewards that you seek.


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