How to Grow Your Start-Up Internationally


Many businesses today are made up of start-ups that are finding niches in areas people had never previously dreamed of. It is because of this that many grow to find huge success, while other simultaneously don’t live past the first year. However, if you have a strong customer base, then you will find success comes quicker than if you don’t. This is why it’s ideal that it is easier now to gain international reach than ever before, which you can convert into loyal customers. If you are struggling to make your stamp on the international market, then you can follow some key tips that will help your start-up grow.

Make your brand versatile

You may have a polished brand that has developed great roots where you are based, but it could be that this brand won’t be as popular in other countries. Having a versatile brand means that you can tailor it to suit whichever country you are hoping to crack next, where your target market will remember it rather than brush it under the carpet. You can do this by bringing a trusted team on board to refine the design of your logo and the rest of your brand so that it will make a positive impact.

Use social media marketing

A big part of marketing lies in traditional methods, but many businesses are beginning to see how social media is a great way of updating their marketing campaigns. This is because social media allows companies to run campaigns for people to see all over the world in the space of a few minutes. For example, Facebook Ads services allow you to direct your campaign onto people’s timelines, no matter what country you are located in. Such marketing is ideal for smaller businesses with a tight budget, as you can accomplish a lot with little resources and money if you have a memorable brand.

Network with international clients

Attracting and maintaining a customer base is only one part of growing your start-up on an international scale. One other important aspect is having reliable clients on hand to keep your business afloat. Although you can start attracting these clients using sites like LinkedIn, you will need to keep this working relationship going by staying in regular contact with them. This can be tricky when international calling rates can be so high, but there are innovations such as Viber that can help with this problem. For example, if you are hoping to contact clients in South America, you can look at Viber rates Mexico to see how these low prices compare to other services.

Reach out to customers

Keeping an open line of communication with clients is key, but you should also ensure your customers stay loyal after you have attracted them. In recent years, a more personal approach has seen bigger success. These techniques include instant messaging customers any offers and relevant content using a business bot, sending out emails with similar information for them to click through, and keeping flawless customer service.


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