3 Hobbies You Can Turn Into A Startup


The best startups are ones that you actually enjoy and are passionate about. In my eyes, too many small businesses fail because the owners are just trying to copy what’s already popular, without actually being passionate about it. When you have a passion, you instantly have more drive to work harder and achieve the highest level of success possible.

This brings us to today’s topic; hobbies that you can turn into startup ideas. A hobby is something you enjoy, which is why it can become a great business idea. Here are some thoughts:


If you like writing, then you can immediately turn this into a business idea. Writing comes in many different formats; you may like writing your own stories or blogging about certain topics. Either way, there are countless ideas at your fingertips here.

I suppose the most obvious is to start a blog that you contribute to whenever you’re bored. It’s a fun hobby to keep your mind ticking over, and you may start to see a decent group of people reading your work. Then, you can take things seriously and invest in marketing for the blog while contributing more regularly. Monetization follows in the form of adverts on your blog, and then sponsors and brands come calling too. What started as a little blog has now grown into a rather large business that may well employ numerous other writers to cover different topics!


Farming is a very popular hobby for people that either own a bit of land or live out in the country. After a day at work, you can head out to the farm and tend to some crops or check how any animals are doing. It’s a fairly peaceful hobby, but you can definitely turn it into a business.

To start, you can sell your animals or collect their eggs/milk and sell that. You can also grow popular crops or vegetables and sell them as well. As you move from it being a hobby to a business, you just need to take things more seriously. Invest in things like a low profile holding tank to collect water supplies for crops. Buy a better tractor to help you get around the farm and two things. If you’re passionate about it, then it becomes a very fun job to have, and you’ll be rewarded with sizeable profits.



If you like baking, and you’re good at it, then the world’s your oyster. Who doesn’t like eating cakes or buying freshly baked bread? It’s a nice hobby, but it’s also a business idea waiting to happen.

Start by giving away your baked goods to friends or family and see how they respond. If you’re a good baker, they’ll be coming back for more and telling you to start selling them! Duly oblige and start selling baked goods to people online or at local markets. Then, you could invest the money you make in retail premises and open your own bakery!

The purpose of this article is to show you how a simple hobby can be taken and turned into a great small business idea. Instead of looking all over the place for startup ideas, think about things you’re passionate about!


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