What Makes eCommerce Different?


Nowadays, building a basic website has become a very easy job, with all of the DIY builders and simple tools available. If you only need to share a little bit of information, some images, and have some social media feeds, options like Wix could be perfect for you, giving you the chance to build a site in no time at all. But, for those in need of an online store, things get a little bit different. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the major differences between a basic website and an eCommerce store.

Content Production: Most websites need to have some text to make sure that they are able to appeal to users. Along with this, they will often have images, and both will be produced to a semi-decent level. When it comes to eCommerce, though, photos and copy have to be produced to an incredibly high level. You can use some examples of existing sites to help you with this part of the job.

SEO: Most of the websites on the internet have less than 12 pages, making them easy to build to be SEO friendly. An eCommerce website, though, could have thousands, and will need a dedicated eComm SEO Service to be able to get good rankings. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that this part of their website build will be easy. In reality, it will be a big challenge, and most people won’t be able to do it without some serious learning.

Social Media Marketing: Having become one of the most popular marketing tools in the world, social media is very important, nowadays. In 2017, it was estimated that Facebook influenced over 50% of online purchases in some way or another, making it and it’s alternatives incredibly powerful and filled with potential. It will be worth having someone with a lot of experience to handle this part of the job, as it will be hard to know how to play these platforms without some background knowledge.

Security: Most websites are equipped with encryption, making it very hard for hackers and other criminals to break into the important data inside. When you’re dealing with payment information, addresses, and other sensitive details, you have to work extremely hard to keep them secure. Your host will play a huge role in this, as they are the front line when it comes to defending the store. Along with this, though, you could consider having some plugins and other security measures in place as a backup in case the server fails.

Making an eCommerce website is always a big job, and you will have to do loads on your journey to the heart of it. To help you out with this, there are loads of services out there, and most of them are very reasonably priced. This makes it nice and easy to build a website which not only captivates your users, but also improves your chances of making sales and earning money.


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