Get Set, Go! – 5 Tips to Help Get Your Business Off to a Great Start


Entrepreneurship is fast-becoming a popular career option for plenty of good reasons. It enables you to flex your creative muscles, be your own boss and, in many cases, work from home. However, for all the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur, there are equally as many hardships you must endure. To avoid common pitfalls and get your business off to a great start, consider these five tips:

1. Be Smart with Money

It’s a given, starting your own business can cost a lot of money. In the early stages, it can be tempting to access capital by accruing debt in the belief that you’ll soon be generating sufficient revenue to repay it. However, in most cases achieving financial stability takes longer than people think. Rather than saddling yourself with mountains of unmanageable debt, shop around for small loans online from responsible providers for selected necessary expenses and exercise restraint for discretionary items.

2. Advertise

On your first day as a business owner, you might have had grand visions of fast growth. The reality is often entirely different. To give your business the best possible start and build your client base, you have to advertise – regardless of your industry. However, advertising costs money, so choosing the most cost-effective form of advertising is crucial.

Social media advertising is the first choice for many small businesses, but there are also other channels available as well. Find out who your target market is and choose the best way to reach them. The most popular option may not always be the best for you.

3. Know Your Market

If you’ve started a new business, it’s crucial to conduct exhaustive research to carefully identify and define your client base. The key to getting your business off the ground is knowing who you are targeting with that product or service and how to best reach them with the right messaging that resonates with that cohort. Once you’ve done this work, it’s critical to get feedback from them to help you continually improve your product or service offering.

4. Virtually Working

If you work from home, it can often be tricky to establish a perception as a stable, reliable business. While working from home keeps your overheads low, it doesn’t instill much faith in your potential clients. For this reason, it makes sense to pay a monthly fee for a mailing address and call forwarding service through a virtual office. Your mail and calls will be directed to a prominent business hub, giving you the professional appearance at a mere fraction of the cost.

5. Be Social

In the early days of your new business, it can be easy to forget that networking and socializing are likely to be a critical part of your success. After all, with so many administrative tasks taking up your time, the last thing you feel you have time for is networking. However, to get a new base of customers, getting out and about and introducing yourself can do your business and profile the world of good.

Attend trade shows, conferences, and align yourself with influential figures. Given that 95 percent of employees surveyed say that face-to-face meetings are essential for building and maintaining a relationship, there’s every reason to head outdoors with a pile of business cards.

Your business isn’t going to build itself. It needs your loyalty, dedication, passion, and willingness to go the extra mile. Implement these five tips to get your business off to a great start and reap the ongoing rewards of a growing client base and business success.


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