Startup Quick Byte: twiDAQ

For todays Startup Quick Byte we take a look at twiDAQ a site that mixes both Wall Street and Twitter into one. Located in Bath, United Kingdom this company takes Twitter to another level that even has me interested. After having raiser $48,000 in funding so far, twiDAQ  is using peoples love affair for Twitter and wanting to do more with it to a whole another level.

While some sites like Klout mask and try and hide how things are rated, twiDAQ holds no such qualms as they clearly post it on their site Here

There are two principal models for setting the share price; performance & demand.  What we’re all seeing at this early stage in the market is the dominance of performance over demand which is allowing small stocks to rise in price.

Currently, only on the Web and iOS and free on both markets. So if you are into Twitter and just want more. Make sure to check it out. No words yet on an Android application yet.

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Startup Quick Byte: Sworly

For today’s Startup Quick Byte, we take a look at Sworly, think Pinterest meet 80’s/90’s MTV, you know, when MTV was actually watchable with music being played. Sworly takes the confusion of what Pinterest could be and does it all around music.

Why Sworly?

We scour the web to provide you unlimited access to over 20 million songs readily available throughout the web so you don’t have to stress your wallet. You also no longer have to stumble through dozens of mind-numbing fakes on YouTube before finding that coveted song.

Based out of Ottawa, this Startup is one of many specialized Pinterest clones popping up. For music lovers this is perfect as it is just for the music fans to discover new music.


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Startup Quick Byte: SquadMail


For today’s Startup Quick Byte we take a look at another cloud based service, SquadMail. This like yesterdays is based out of Berlin, but aims to make email between multiple people easier. If you are working with someone else, or a team of people, SquadMail makes it so attaching documents, or files into a single folder for easy secure use.

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