Startup Quick Byte: SquadMail


For today’s Startup Quick Byte we take a look at another cloud based service, SquadMail. This like yesterdays is based out of Berlin, but aims to make email between multiple people easier. If you are working with someone else, or a team of people, SquadMail makes it so attaching documents, or files into a single folder for easy secure use.

SquadMail shared folders are so easy to use and set up, you’ll be stunned to see them have such a huge impact on your email efficiency. It integrates perfectly with your work life instead of forcing you to rearrange every­thing around it

Claus Mayer, CTO of Quelle GmbH has been quoted to have said. While still in Beta and not public yet, there are sign ups on the website however. So if you are working with a team of people and always sending files to one another, this may be an easy way of doing things instead of having multiple links to other sites.


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