Orlando Startup: Doccaster, Proximity Based File Sharing For Convention Go-ers

A new startup in central Florida is looking to disrupt the file sharing space. Rather than going with a cloud based model, like every other startup in the space, Doccaster offers proximity based file sharing. This type of file sharing will be great for conventioneers.

Doccaster is based in Orlando, which reportedly hosts 25 of the top 250 conferences in the United States and ranks behind only Las Vegas and Chicago for hosting conventions. I’ve personally attended many conventions in Orlando, most recently the 2011 CTIA spring show.

With Doccaster you will be able to share files with large groups within a 15 mile radius. The user will be able to search files based on proximity or DoccasterID (user name).

Co-founders Kyle Steele and Himanshu Pagey first launched a location based chat platform in 2010. That startup, called GoTootie, has pivoted into Doccaster.

More and more conventions are going green. Over the past two years the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the producers of the largest trade show in the United States, CES, have made a huge effort to go green, and encourage their exhibitors to go green.

Certainly major exhibitors have the dollars needed to produce thumb drives with their material on them (no company in 2012 would dare give out a CD), but smaller companies at CES or any major trade show don’t necessarily have the money to invest in thousands of thumb  drives. Doccaster makes it easy for those companies to sign up for their service and use it as a vehicle to get their literature into convention go-ers hands.

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Colorado Startups: RockyNet Launches Program For Tech Startups Interested In The Cloud

RockyNet a big data and cloud based technology company in Louisville Colorado has announced a new program that will be useful for Colorado area tech startups. The new program is called RockyNet Thrive is aimed at early stage and emerging technology startups that rely on big amounts of bandwidth and collocated facilities in their business models.

Through the new program, Colorado startups will have access to mentoring on the cloud, consulting on how to leverage the cloud and a host of cloud and big data services for free. RockyNet also plans to continue consulting and supporting the startups as they emerge into profitability.

RockyNet defines startup as any Colorado registered business who has been in business for 3  years or less and has less than 15 employees.

RockyNet’s President Paul Mako said: “RockyNet Thrive is our way of leveraging our cloud and collocation infrastructure to help new businesses grow into the rebounding economy. If these companies are given the chance to thrive, we will all thrive.”

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Startup Quick Byte: SquadMail


For today’s Startup Quick Byte we take a look at another cloud based service, SquadMail. This like yesterdays is based out of Berlin, but aims to make email between multiple people easier. If you are working with someone else, or a team of people, SquadMail makes it so attaching documents, or files into a single folder for easy secure use.

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Start Up: Nicira Disrupting Network Providers With Software Defined Networks

As more and more companies move to cloud based servers there’s a huge market for cloud based server companies. Many cloud based providers turn to huge companies with huge server centers to get their information in the cloud.

A company called Nicira is using an old software trick originally used by spy agencies to challenge some of those traditional network providers. With their technology called “Software Defined Networks”

Software defined networks and virtualized servers basically trick servers into doing the taks of several. Virtualized machines run on cheaper components and cheaper semiconductors driving down the cost of hardware.

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Clio Raised $6 Million In Its Series B Round Of Financing

Clio is a cloud based legal management software that has gained speed in the startup sector. They have recently raised $6 million in its Series B round of financing to use for hiring more staff and marketing its services.  Acton Capital Partners, existing investors and Point Nine Capital were the investing parties that helped make it happen in this round.

Co-founders are

Jack Newton (CEO) – An experienced business leader, software developer and entrepreneur, Jack provides strategic vision for Clio, and is helping to raise the profile of cloud computing in the legal profession.


Rian Gauvreau (COO) – Rian combines his years of experience with law firm IT with his in-depth software development experience to help create software law firms love to use.

The complete Clio team list

“Completely web-based, Clio is a practice management system that is specifically designed for solo practitioners and small law firms. Your important client data is securely accessible anywhere—from your PC, your Mac, and even your iPhone.”


Clio pricing is $49 a/month for Attorneys and $25 a/month for Support Staff. A very affordable option for any lawyer looking to tidy up their schedules, billing and many other business related needs on the go or in the office.

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