Everywhereelse.co 2014 Early Bird Tickets Down To 12, Village Booths 5

Everywhereelse.co,EE2014,Memphis,startups,startup conference, startup event,demo,disrupt,sxswAfter the huge success of everywhereelse.co The Startup Conference last month in Memphis Tennessee, we immediately went to work on 2014.

Dell, American Airlines, Amazon, .co, Baker Donelson, and Archer Malmo have signed on to support the 2014 event of the year and we’ve got more programming, more workshops, FOOD and more for 2014.

Everywhereelse.co 2013 the startup conference featured three days of programming, three startup pitching contests with $60,000 in cash given away, three amazing after parties and every attendee (1280) went to the Memphis Grizzlies NBA game that sunday night.

Everywhereelse.co The Startup Conference is the event for startups “Everywhere Else” we saw attendees from 41 different states and 7 countries with 72 startups from across the country. It’s the largest single venue startup conference in the country and the largest startup conference in the world dedicated to startups everywhere else.

If you’re interested in sponsoring email info@everywhereelse.co

1280 people packed in the ballroom for everywhereelse.co The Startup Conference 2013

Some of our speakers in 2013 included: Scott Case (CEO of Startup America and Co-Founder of Priceline), Ingrid Vanderveldt, Rohit Bhargava, Danny Boice, Brant Cooper, Pat Vlaskovitz, Gabe Lozano, 500 startups graduate Sara Ware and more.

2014 we add more content, a hackathon with Amazon Web Services, Free breakfast and lunch and more.

We introduced the 2014 tickets at 2013 prices, ending on March 27th when our first price increase kicks in. We set aside 400 attendee tickets at the early bird rate and 50 startup village booths. As you can see below we’re down to 12 attendee tickets and 5 startup booths (at least at the time this was written)

For more on the conference check out these stories at nibletz


Everywhereelse.co Getting Close, Less Than 8 Weeks Til The Biggest Startup Conference In The U.S.

everywhereelse.co, Startup conference, startup event, disrupt, ignite, demo,memphis startup The biggest startup conference in the United States, everywhereelse.co The Startup Conference, is happening in less than eight weeks. February 9-12th 2013, over 1700 entrepreneurs, startup founders, investors, designers, and developers will converge on downtown Memphis Tennessee. Make no mistake about it, this is a national conference with less than 15% of the ticket sales zipcoding to Tennessee.

Over 400 of the tickets sold have identified themselves as angels or VC’s and their email addresses check out.

The conference officially starts on Sunday February 10th with a preview of the Startup Village. Over 100 startups from around the world will be exhibiting in the Startup Village. Startup Village exhibitors have three changes to win part of $50,000 in cash (and then prizes) in three different contests. The first contest will be a video contest that will launch on January 15th and is open to all of the startups in the village. The second contest will be a hard 2 minute speed pitch contest in front of an audience of investors Sunday afternoon. The third contest is an audience choice contest which will allow the over 1700 attendees who’ve purchased tickets to the event to vote for the startup they like the best.

We have the strongest speaker line up of any conference this size. Scott Case, founding CTO at Priceline.com, Several TechStars founders, Mike Bott GM at The Brandery, Gabe Lozano from Lockerdome, Sarah Ware, Award Winning Author Tracy Myers, and many more that we can announce when ticket sales close.

everywhereelse.co The Starutp Conference will give startups, entrepreneurs and founders unparalleled access to some of the best investors in the world and networking opportunities not available from any other conference. We’ve been able to do this because of our great sponsors and keeping ticket prices low. (Regular price $99 attendee $550 startup/early bird pricing $59 attendee $425 startup which includes 3 tickets)

We can’t wait to see you in Memphis!


everywhereelse.co The Startup Conference website

Get your Startup Village booth or attendee ticket here


19 Year Old Entrepreneur Poised To Take On Big Data With His St.Louis Startup


St. Louis startup Evtron, and it’s pair of founders still too young to drink alcohol, are looking to take on stage server hardware space.

The story of Evtron co-founders Andrew Mayhall and Kyle Goeken, will be one for the entrepreneurial history books, if their innovative startup takes off. To kick off their story though, they went on a road trip.

Mayhall and Goeken had received the almost golden ticket. Their startup was selected to pitch at the recent DEMO conference at the Santa Clara convention center in Silicon Valley. We say “almost golden ticket” because they weren’t quite lucky enough to get one of the highly coveted “scholarship” spots, but nonetheless the opportunity to pitch that crowd is one you can’t pass up.

Now most bootstrapped startups have a hard enough time coming up with the $8,000 to just get on the stage at DEMO, (that’s why conferences like everywhereelse.co charge much less). Combine that with the fact that Mayhall is only 19 and Goeken is just 20 and that’s a lot of lawns to mow and burgers to flip.

Regardless of the hardwork the duo had to put in to raise the $8,000 the story of their road trip hardly ends there. The St. Louis Post Dispatch reports that to save money they elected to drive from St.Louis to Silicon Valley. Surely that’s no big deal for two young adults but the Post Dispatch continues on to report that the folks at DEMO mistakenly double charged the teams debit card, rendering them completely broke in route.

Goeken was able to save the day because he luckily had a Shell gas card. So with a card for fuel and all the beef jerkey and other great gas station food they could buy, the two would finally make it to the conference.

Mayhall is one of those prodigal entrepreneurs. He began tinkering with computers when he was 8 or 9. He dropped out of high school to attend college early and then dropped out of college to work on his own ideas.

One of those ideas is Evtron. Mayhall synced up with now Evtron’s Chief Technology Officer, Brady O’Brien to revolutionize the server industry. Evtron has found a way to stack server hard drives vertically instead of horizontally. They also found a way to use the base as a “heat sink”. When coupled together the Evtron server uses 45% less electricity, generates 38% less heat and takes up 66% less space. When considering huge data centers the size of say Google’s (that were revealed to the public earlier this week) you’re talking about savings in the tens of millions.

While we are constantly covering the St. Louis startup scene , St. Louis isn’t known for being a hardware town.

Brian Matthews a local St. Louis tech entrepreneur who’s been advising Evtron, agreed that St. Louis isn’t a hardware town.

“If it’s really going to scale up and mass-produce data servers, Evtron will need two things that are hard to find here: money and an experienced management team” Matthews told the Post Dispatch.

As St. Louis’ startup community continues to grow, hopefully Evtron will be able to find a fit, and a way to stay in the city. Mayhall said that is one of his goals.


Check out Evtron the next generation storage platform here.

Here are more startup stories from St. Louis

Source: St. Louis Post Dispatch

We hope to see you here

Meet The 8 Startup Winners From Startup America’s DEMO Contest

DEMO,Startup America, Startup,Startups,Startup NewsThe fall DEMO conference kicks off in Santa Clara California today. It’s one of the most popular startup events, and longest running startup events in the world. In fact, TechCrunch Disrupt was born just to compete with DEMO.

Unlike “everywhereelse.co The Startup Conference” presenting at DEMO can be extremely expensive, especially for a bootstrapping startup from “everywhere else”. That’s why Startup America teamed up with their regional partners to run a contest for 8 lucky startups to attend and present at the DEMO conference free of charge.

Four of the startups will show off their companies in the DEMO Showcase Pavillion. The other four will show off on the main stage following in the foot steps of companies that were once startups themselves and have grown into household names, like E*Trade, TiVo and Salesforce.

“We’re incredibly excited to collaborate with DEMO and our regions to send startups to launch at this renowned event,” said Scott Case, CEO, Startup America Partnership. “You only need to look at a list of DEMO alumni to see what a game-changer it is for any startup focused on growth.”

Here are the four startups that are exhibiting in the DEMO Showcase Pavillion:

Jamplifiy- Nashville TN
CEO: Andy Pickens
About-Jamplify believes in the power of existing fans, and that they are a marketing force for anyone seeking a new audience. Jamplify is a promotional platform allowing anyone who has content to leverage their current fan base to get the word out. Promoters are assigned unique links for a Content Creator¹s particular jampaign, and Jamplify tabulates the number of unique people that each Promoter drives to the content.

About: CoPatient was created to give patients the knowledge and insight desperately needed to understand medical bills. By using technology, patients have a stronger voice in financing their healthcare.

Charlie Contacts
Founder: Junaid Kalmadi
About: Charlie Contacts let’s you “have them at hello” by arming you with all the need-to-know information about your contacts before any meeting, conference or phone call. This mobile-to-mobile app searches news and social sites and everything in between to provide you with all the details on your upcoming interaction.
Founder: Sean McElrath
About: Hallway’s website allows students to post questions on various school subjects which their peers then answer. Students can then rate the most useful questions and answers, which rise to the top of the page. Students can also share notes and collaborate on assignments, and the website has built-in tools such as a personal calendar, class calendar, and assignments tabs. While there are several Q&A sites made specifically for college students (including startup Answer Underground, Hallway is one of the few that targets high school students.

Here are the four startups that will get to present on the DEMO main stage today and tomorrow

EcoLek, LLC
About:EcoLek LLC aims to reconnect people with nature by helping them identify the birds around them. Our Bird Alerts, available now at www.GetBirdeez.com, sends you customized notification emails about birds that have been seen in your area. The Birdeez App will help you identify birds and collect bird sightings, and the Birdeez Social Network let your share those sightings with your friends and to meet other birdwatchers in your area.

eBrevia, LLC
Ned Gannon
About:eBrevia is commercializing natural language processing technology developed at a major research university to assist corporate attorneys, in-house counsel, and business executives in performing a variety of tasks more efficiently, accurately, and cost effectively. Using machine-learning techniques, the company¹s software can extract and summarize legal provisions from a wide array of legal documents.

Click With Me Now
Mike Behr
About: The company offers a simple screen sharing solution that doesn¹t require extra software and works directly within the browser, allowing users to quickly share their online experience in real time with friends, coworkers, or clients. Click With Me Now received $50,000 in seed funding following its acceptance into the Capital Innovators program earlier this year, and is currently running in closed beta.

Founder: John Schnipkoweit
About: RecBob is a Facebook app that manages adult sports teams, making them easy and fun! RecBob sends game reminders, tracks who¹s in and who¹s out on game day and automatically finds subs as needed so rosters are always full.

Of course we wish all eight startups good luck while they’re out there at DEMO. The DEMO conference can be very lucrative for any startup. This isn’t the first time Startup America has been able to help get startups from “everywhere” to major conferences and events. StartupDC held a pitch contest earlier this year for a spot at the highly coveted Capital Connection/TechBuzz event. That winner CONT3NT went on to the finals of the TechBuzz competition.


Find DEMO here

Startup America here

Everywhere Else here

everywhereelse.co The Startup Conference Announced February 10-12th 2013 In Memphis Tennessee

everywhereelse.co The Startup Conference,startup conference,event,entrepreneur conference,disrupt,demo,launch

MEMPHIS TN, & EVERYWHERE ELSE- “everywhereelse.co The Startup Conference” has been announced for Sunday February 10, 2013 through Tuesday February 12, 2013 and has already attracted an all star line up of speakers, panelists, investors,startups and entrepreneurs.  The conference will take place in the heart of beautiful Memphis Tennessee at the Memphis Convention Center.

The three day conference will feature over 30 panels, keynote addresses, roundtable and fireside chats geared towards the challenges that entrepreneurs, startups and even investors face outside Silicon Valley. The conference will also include three signature networking events as well as a three day startup exhibition featuring 100 startups from “everywhere else”. Startups from every stretch of the country, and as far away as Israel and Romania have already committed to exhibit in the Startup Village.

Startup America CEO and founding CTO of Priceline Scott Case will keynote at the event. Best selling author and motivational speaker Tracy Myers,Rohit Bhargava,Bill Harris former CEO of Paypal and Intuit and many more, will also speak at the event. everywhereelse.co The Startup Conference will continue to announce speakers over the next two months.

Startups, startup founders, accelerator heads and investors will round out three fun filled and educational days in Memphis Tennessee on topics ranging from “raising money everywhere else”, “what I learned in an accelerator”, “what investors outside the valley expect”, “startups: life after hip hop, music and sports”, “kick ass female founders from everywhere else” and more.

There will also be three startup pitch contests with finals taking place at the conference; “The Best of Everywhere Else”, “The Startup Village People Awards” and the “Top of Tennessee” startup pitch contests will have their finals take place at the conference in front of a panel of well known angels, VC’s and celebrities.  With the three startup contests over $100,000 in cash and prizes will be given away.

The Best Of Everywhere Else contest will begin with video pitches on November 1, 2012.

The Top Of Tennessee pitch contest will be open to startups throughout the state of Tennessee and will begin during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

In the Startup Village People Awards, Startup Village companies will compete for $25,000 in cash and prizes by audience participation vote via the official conference app.

“everywhereelse.co The Startup Conference” has made both exhibiting and attending affordable for even the boot-strapping startup from “everywhere else”. Attendee tickets are $60 with an early bird rate of $39 for all three days. Startup Village booths are $480 with a few $295 pre-sale booth spaces still available. An earlybird rate for Startup Village booths of $350 will continue through October 31st.


Check out everywhereelse.co

Attendees get your attendee tickets here at the special early bird rate

Startups, here’s a link for $295 startup village booth space that ends Tuesday at 11:59pm

Startup America Partnership Regions To Send 8 Startups To Demo


The Startup America partnership and their 26 regional partnerships have announced a contest to send 8 lucky, and good, startups to the DEMO conference in Santa Clara CA this fall. All 8 winning startups will receive free travel and free entry into the conference, which as one of the premiere startup events in the country, is a pretty expensive ticket.

Four of the Startups will receive showcase space in the DEMO pavilions the other four Startups will get to pitch on the DEMO main stage. Companies that have become household names like E*Trade and TiVO have presented on the DEMO main stage. Even our good friends at Rawporter have experienced the DEMO stage.

Startup evangelist, and our good friend Nick Tippmann provided some of the official video coverage at DEMO’s spring event this year.

“We’re incredibly excited to collaborate with DEMO and our regions to send startups to launch at this renowned event,” said Scott Case, CEO, Startup America Partnership. “You only need to look at a list of DEMO alumni to see what a game-changer it is for any startup focused on growth.”

“The Startup America Regional contest will allow incredible companies that may not have had DEMO on their radar to compete with the most plugged-in Silicon Valley startups out there,” said Neal Silverman, EVP and general manager at DEMO. “We can’t wait to review the submissions from startups headquartered in places like Tennessee, Texas and Iowa, all of which have robust startup ecosystems that people may not be aware of.”

The contest is only open to registered Startup America members. At DEMO Spring 2012, Startup America members TourWrist, ZBoard, and Jumala all won DEMO God Awards, with TourWrist winning the grand prize: the People’s Choice Award.

“TourWrist’s DEMO experience really highlights the best of our progressive, supportive society,” said Charles Armstrong, founder and CEO of TourWrist. “From a DEMO presenting scholarship and support from Startup America to the audience–bestowed People’s Choice honor and IDG’s $1M media award, our humble startup has been given an incredible chance at success. All startups out there thinking about launching at DEMO should enter this contest immediately!”


To sign up for the contest click here

To enter you need to be a member of Startup America

Nibletz is the voice of Startups “everywhere else”

TechStars Announces Two Scholarships To Fall DEMO Event In October

If you’re a currently unfunded startup or student run startup there are 20 spots available for the DEMO scholarship (read free) program. DEMO is one of the most lucrative pitch events held in Silicon Valley and startups from “everywhere else” always attend.

During the most recent session, this past spring, we saw Rawporter pitch. Rawporter is a citizen journalism startup based in Charlotte NC. They were one of the scholarship recipients at the last event. We talked with co-founder Kevin Davis after DEMO who provided us with this interview.

Smurks, a Chicago startup also pitched at Demo and we ran this story about the startup that puts the “heart” in the machine. Smurks has found a way to offer a quantified analysis of peoples feelings. Really impressive stuff, check it out here.

TechStars, the nationwide “everywhere else” incubation program has announced that they have two scholarship spots available for the fall DEMO session October 1-3 in Silicon Valley.

The first recipient will be an unfunded TechStars company. The second spot will be for a student run TechStars company.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, you should definitely consider pitching for a spot here.

Source: VentureBeat

Charlotte Startup: Rawporter Talks About What DEMO Was Like

Our good friends Kevin and Rob at Rawporter were among the startups that presented at DEMO last week in Santa Clara. We reached out to many of the startups that were coming from “Everywhere Else” to DEMO to talk to them about their experience and what it is they were doing.

Rawporter is an app and service (Service as an app) that allows everyday people with smartphones to take pictures and videos, upload them to the rawporter site and then get paid for providing “man on the street” coverage to news outlets across the country, and the world. It’s also a great service for bloggers to source video that they might not otherwise be able to cover.

“Now anyone who needs custom video and photo content can request it from our users who might already be in the right place at the right time. In exchange for responding to assignments, our Rawporters get the compensation and credit they deserve simply for putting their smartphone to work.” Kevin Davis, co-founder of Rawporter told Nibletz.com

So we wanted to find out why, with all the startup competitions across the country, did Rawporter choose DEMO?

“We knew DEMO was a tremendous platform to launch a new business, but since we’re still bootstrapping, we weren’t sure if we could afford the exhibition fee. Luckily, they offered us a scholarship and that made it a very easy decision. The DEMO team was incredibly helpful and we can’t thank them enough for the experience and exposure that Rawporter received at the event.”

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Chicago Startup: Iconicast’s “Smurks” Puts The Heart In The Machine

How can you share that smile on your face through digital and mobile? How often have you misinterpreted the context of a text message because you didn’t know how the other person was feeling. Does that LOL mean laugh out loud, that’s really funny. Or does that LOL mean laugh out loud you’re really stupid?

Iconicast, a Chicago Startup, co-founder Pat Burns took the stage at DEMO in Santa Clara CA last week and talked about the three stooges movie he just saw. He gave the example of talking with a friend who asked how the movie was. In his presentation he pointed out that if the friend was in front of him the look on his face would tell the complete story.

That’s what smirks is all about. Now when you first look at Smurks, the new app by Iconicast, it may appear to be a 2012 take on the emoticon. However, the gesture based app is an extension of human emotion. Swiping up shows off a happy face, swiping down sad. Left and right offer equally as polarizing emotions via the app. In fact there are many different faces that you can make.

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Atlanta Startup: MyCouponDoc Gets You Coupons For Your CoPays, Presents At DEMO


An Atlanta startup in the healthcare industry that just launched this month, demonstrated their web app that connects patients with real, legitimate coupons for their medications.

Kishore Eechambadi, Co-Founder of MyCouponDoc has built the startup to battle the increasing cost of co-pays for medication. According to Eechambadi co-pays have doubled in the last 10 years.  According to the Wall Street Journal the costs of co-pays will continue to increase 15% annually.

MyCouponDoc has already been accepted into the Healthbox Accelerator Program that provided them with $50,000 in seed funding. They’ve sourced over 400 coupons on the most popular prescription and over the counter medications.  According to Eechambadi mycopondoc.com’s coupons are accepted at pharmacies and doctors offices.

MyCouponDoc also plans to roll out their technology to 500 pharmacies across the country so that the coupons are available at point of sale.  They’re also partnering with a major EMR (Electronic Medical Record) service provider that will help integrate their sourced coupons in the doctors office at the time of prescription. This would give those doctors the option to recommend a prescription knowing the coupon is there and tell the patient about the discount during the exam.

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New Mexico Startup: Whiteman Technology Unveils Windows Set Top Box At DEMO

A Clovis New Mexico startup, Whiteman Technology, is hoping to take advantage of a hole in consumer entertainment that’s been caused by the delayed release of next generation gaming systems by both Microsoft and Sony. While the world awaits the two gaming giant systems, Whiteman has unveiled a monster of a set top box.

There are a lot of choices in set top boxes these days. You’ve got Boxee, Roku, Google TV boxes, Netgear Neo boxes and many more all competing for the same space. However Whiteman has packed their box with a ton of features.

Whiteman Technology’s set top box features:

– The ability to display cable tv programming (not found on most boxes)
– Playing 3D games for the PC
– Recording 6 channels at the same time (DVR)
– 1 terabyte hard drive to store everything in your collection
– voice control and gesture recognition

“We’ve taken people off guard with a hardware startup,” Ryan Whiteman said at DEMO. “We have gotten a lot of attention, and we intend to build this in the U.S.”

Whiteman and his co-founders Blake Jordan and Shaffin Baldwin have not announced pricing or availability for the new set top box but did say it would be on par with TiVo’s set top boxes which tend to run a little more than the Roku, Boxee or Google TV variety. But, you’re getting a ton more features.

Whiteman Technology was one of 80 companies chosen to participate in IDG’s Demo Conference in Santa Clara, CA this past week.

source and photo: VB