Atlanta Startup: MyCouponDoc Gets You Coupons For Your CoPays, Presents At DEMO


An Atlanta startup in the healthcare industry that just launched this month, demonstrated their web app that connects patients with real, legitimate coupons for their medications.

Kishore Eechambadi, Co-Founder of MyCouponDoc has built the startup to battle the increasing cost of co-pays for medication. According to Eechambadi co-pays have doubled in the last 10 years.  According to the Wall Street Journal the costs of co-pays will continue to increase 15% annually.

MyCouponDoc has already been accepted into the Healthbox Accelerator Program that provided them with $50,000 in seed funding. They’ve sourced over 400 coupons on the most popular prescription and over the counter medications.  According to Eechambadi’s coupons are accepted at pharmacies and doctors offices.

MyCouponDoc also plans to roll out their technology to 500 pharmacies across the country so that the coupons are available at point of sale.  They’re also partnering with a major EMR (Electronic Medical Record) service provider that will help integrate their sourced coupons in the doctors office at the time of prescription. This would give those doctors the option to recommend a prescription knowing the coupon is there and tell the patient about the discount during the exam.

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I tested already. Being that we’re a startup ourselves we don’t have any fancy health insurance just yet and doctors appointments and prescriptions are self funded. That has, at times, forced me to skip out on some of the diabetes drugs I need in favor of thinking I’ll eat better and use natural supplements. While my baseline prescriptions I don’t skip out on, the other thing that I sometimes forego is my albuterol inhaler. While some of my diabetes medications are under $10 even without insurance at the Walmart Pharmacy, albuterol is always near $50 (asthmatics no exactly what I’m talking about). I found a $15 coupon for Proventil which will actually make the name brand inhaler $10 cheaper than the generic. I’m getting this filled tomorrow.

This Atlanta startup has had a lot of success already and they haven’t even finished their first official month. They hope to make Mycoupondoc the premiere medication discount destination for healthcare 2.0


Go ahead, try your prescription now, at

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