Bourbon & Boots Brings Southern Culture to Your Doorstep



I’m from the South.

I know. Y’all are so surprised, right?

In college a guy told me, “You guys [he wasn’t from the South] are the only people in the country who make a big deal about the South and North.”

rsz_incontentad2Well, whether that’s true or not, these days Southern culture seems to be having a day in the sun. And those of us who grew up sippin’ sweet tea and swimmin’ in the creek understand why.

Bourbon & Boots is a company in Little Rock, AR that definitely understands it. They’re building a whole business off of Southern culture: Southern crafts, Southern clothes, Southern food–you name it and Bourbon & Boots has an artisan producing it.

Founder Matt Price says it best:

“Southern is a state of mind.”

Bourbon & Boots recruits artisans from all over the country that create products that fit the unique brand they’ve built. They range from kitschy bullet earrings to vintage cowboy boots and everywhere in between.

My personal favorite category is “Food and Booze,” where you can find a whole range of Southern-inspired food and utensils.

Bourbon & Boots isn’t merely an e-commerce company, though. Alongside the products they sell, they’re also developing a content company that showcases the best of Southern living. Of course, it has a little more edge than the magazine of that name. With articles like “Smooth Talk About Kentucky’s Speakeasy Bourbon” and “Tonic Syrup Nearly Ruined My Social Life,” this ain’t your grandmama’s Southern Living.

Of course, marrying content and commerce isn’t always the easiest feat. Refinery29 closed down its commerce branch last year and raised money to double down on content.

When I asked Bourbon & Boots’ Price about this, he chuckled.

“E-commerce is hard. Content is really hard. Trying to nail them both is impossible,” he admitted.

But, nailing them they are. More than 2 years after launch, Bourbon & Boots continues to grow, adding new vendors and freelance writers to the ranks. They’re also looking to create their own products in 2014, a move that could stretch their resources but also provide huge benefit in growing their brand.

Personality-driven commerce sites are a thing right now. Just look at Fab, Warby-Parker, JustFab, and NastyGal for proof. Bourbon & Boots plays into that trend with a delightful business that could only be built in the South.

And, yes. They do drink bourbon and wear boots.

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Build a Beautiful Online Store with CoreCommerce


online stores

With the growth in ecommerce, everyone is able to sell online. But, non-tech people are often relegated to eBay stores of Etsy shops that offer little in the way of personalization, branding, and control.

Nashville based CoreCommerce is changing that with a platform that allows even the most un-technical person (like me!) to build their own gorgeous online storefront.

Check out our Q&A with CoreCommerce CEO Matt DeLong below, and if you’ve been thinking about opening an online shop, make sure you check out their 15 day free trial offer.

What is the name of your startup?


What’s the story behind your idea?

After noting the lack of ecommerce shopping cart options back in 2008, we wanted to make it easy for someone to build an online store and have access to all features without having to opt for the highest pricing plans for basic features.

Who are the founders, and what are their backgrounds?

Matt DeLong has a programming/technical background and Nick McDuffie has a sales/marketing background. (Nick has moved onto other projects while Matt remains CEO)

Where are you based?

Franklin TN (just outside Nashville)

What’s the startup scene like where you are based?

Nashville has a very vibrant startup scene, there are plenty of entrepreneurs to connect with and learn from. For entrepreneurs, there is no shortage of training, mentoring or opportunities in Nashville.

What problem do you solve?

Our goal is to simplify building an online store, especially for non-techies. With CoreCommerce, anyone can easily build a beautiful, functional online store cost-effectively.

Why now?

CoreCommerce launched in 2008, when there weren’t a lot of e-commerce shopping cart options in the market. Thanks to the growth of technology and online shopping, it’s never been easier to start a successful online business.

What are some of the milestones your startup has already reached?

We surpassed $1m in recurring revenue in 2011.We surpassed $1b in transactions on the platform in 2013.

What are your next milestones?

We anticipate 2014 as a big year for CoreCommerce! This summer we are planning to launch of a new version of our software. Another big milestone for us will be adding another 5,000 customers by the end of 2015.

Where can people find out more? Any social media links you want to share?

To learn more about CoreCommerce or start a 15 day free trial, visit

Follow us on Twitter:


Shopify Kicks Off 2014 by Going Mobile

shopify mobile

Yesterday Canada-based Shopify announced the launch of Shopify Mobile.

The new app allows merchants to manage their store from their phone. From posting products through the app to completing the sale, the idea is to allow merchants to manage their store from anywhere.

The app isn’t just for small merchants, either. It’s fully integrated with Shopify POS, which allows physical stores to use the service. The new Shopify Mobile will give retailers the ability to modify descriptions and inventory in-store, as well as become a second register on busy days.

“With Shopify Mobile we’ve completely overhauled our popular iOS app and baked in some exciting new features that are going to help you increase sales–right from the palm of your hand,” the company says on its blog. “This is an important step forwards toward creating a commerce platform that enables our merchants to sell their products anywhere, whether it’s online, in the store, or on the go.”

(For those who are interested, the Android app is coming soon.)

Shopify already powers thousands of online stores, allowing merchants access to all the tools they need to design and market their digital storefront. The platform can be used by small at-home businesses or large companies looking to go online. Merchants can choose from a variety of plans, starting at $14/month for someone who is just exploring e-commerce. Some of Shopify’s largest customers include Tesla Motors, Gatorade, and Amnesty International.

This blending of small sellers and big commerce is what makes Shopify such a valuable company. And, investors definitely see the benefits. Last month they announced a $100 million Series C round, which added OMERS Ventures and Insight Venture Partners to previous investors Bessemer Venture Partners, FirstMark Capital, Georgian Partners, and Felicis Ventures.

The growth of mobile is all the buzz, but there hasn’t been much evidence that startups are actually developing for the platform. With startups like Shopify launching big on mobile now, the move from desktop may actually becoming more of a reality.